Thursday, 31 July 2008

I feel pretty...

...and witty...

...and gay...huzzah!!

Oh I do like a pug, they make me laugh and it's a good word. Pug!
Went a bit demented with the embroidery with this one, but once I started I couldn't stop...less is more means nowt to me luv!

So anyroad, watercolour on canvas again, choc full of french knots, flowery stuff, sequinny bits and a wee ceramic bird for good measure. And is there a finer musical the Westside Story...probbly, but I like the tune anyway.
Puggy say "WUFF WUFF WUFF!" too
The original is currently for sale on my Etsy shoppy or available as a postcard for reccession hit purses! :)

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Don't Eat the Daisies!

OO it's got a cow, it's got embroidery, it's got Doris Day...what more could you want?!

A free loose style painting to keep the colours fresh and bright, pencil marks are also visible. Colours are shades of blues, zingy yellows and greens

I embroidered the painting with french knots (mmm!) in green and scattered daisies in white and cream, the wording in black embroidery silk.

The painting was embellished for extra glittery kitchyness with tiny glass beads in contrasting zingy orange, clear glass and opaque green glass

Daisy say MOO!
Sold...huzzah! Etsy for animals..all cash raised goes to helping various animal charities

Sunday, 27 July 2008

So happy

Swift departure from the bags, this time I've popped over to a nice bit o watercolour...I do like a watercolour...

So this is a portrait inspired by Warhol's series of cat prints and my own shabby tabby Babe, (check him out in my earlier posts) this is free loose style painting to keep the colours fresh and bright, pencil marks are also visible, cos I like that. Colours are shades of browns, creams and hints of blue

I embroidered the painting with french knots in cream with the wording in black embroidery silk and cotton.

The painting was further embellished for extra glittery kitchyness with tiny glass butterflies in clear glass, green glass to pick out his odd green eye, peachy tone to pick out his orange nose!

Babe say PURR!

Babe also say he's for sale over here real soon:
Etsy for Animals charity
He's also available as a shiney postcard if you want to send purry cat love greetings to your chums, pop over to my Etsy shop or email me
My Etsy shoppy

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Dooo dooo dooo....

bloo doodoo...that's prog rock that is!

This was a little zippy uppy bag for my bezzie friends birthday...check her out over on my links over there!

She is a massive music lover and prog is her bag...(teehee...see what I did there?!) with that in mind I went with the chicken theme again as it's a personal fave...see below...hand painted and heavily beaded with glass, ceramic and plastic beads plus sequins and faux coral.

I went with a big chunk of the Peter Gabriel song Solsbury Hill as she adores the man and the place and it's my favourite tune and it reminds me of her and I like the Boom Boom Boom bit....there are a couple of other messages on there too!
I've also immortalised her proggy muso mate John Young playing his keyboard too...check him out over on my links over there!, he's ever so good

The bag also features a pretty organza and thong carry strap and I've replaced the zip pull with a large diamante studded cross for added rock chick gothyness!

Think she liked it :)

Chick chick chick chick CHICKENNN!!!!!

What can I say, I like a chicken, they come in wicked colours, got a good shape going and they make me smile, so as inspiration goes, they're pretty minty! :)

This was a commission for a 40th birthday. It's a shoulder bag/purse with a long heavy silver chain so it could be worn across the body as the receiver likes to boogie...hence the return to Abba's Dancing Queen. It's chock full of embroidery and there's quite a few (requested!) insults and various personal quotes on the back and inside.
It also came with a mini bag made from a panty liner and tampon...but that's a story for another day! :)

The bag was lined with bright pink felt and rough machine stitched with multicolour threads and the hen is hand painted in acrylics and heavily beaded with glass, ceramic and faux coral too and there's a smattering of sequin stars for a bit of extra razzle dazzle on the dance floor

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Rock Chick...en

Rock Chick...en

Chicky Rock!

This is a commission of a tote bag, for one of my rock chicky chums to take to one of her summer music festivals. Hand painted chicken portrait with plenty of hand embroidery. She's a massive Guns n Roses fan so there's a wee Axl n Slash on there to keep her company. Tonnes of lovely textures; I've hand stitched glass beads, odd bits of stuff and sequins for the chicken comb and surrounded her with gorgeous french knots (love em!)and lots of glittery loveliness.

Put another dime in the juke box BABY!!

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Pretty in Pink...oh yes

Yet another wee bag...bagette?
Hand dyed doing the watery acrylic thing again (see previous posts...keep up!)
then hand embroidered with a kind of cow type animal, which was a blatant rip off of my neice's drawings...she's I lie she's 7....
Further embellished with a few glittery bits, bobs n beads and the Pretty in Pink question; obvious, but it's my bag n I'll Psychadelic Furs if I want to!

ooo and it's sold....but I could do summin' similar if you want one :)

Yet another fave tune and film too...blast from the past!

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Searching...Lookin' 4 Love!?!

Big acrylic licky lips lalalala!
Bit punky, bit gay disco, bit scary...hand painted in acrylic and choc full of hand embroidery and glittery bits...currently available for purchase via Chamber's Hair Design in East Molesey...go get your hair cut and tell them I sent you :)

Talking of bit scary....

Si Si...Je suis un rock star

Introducing Bella, an English Bull terrier I know...Ciao Bella!

I have hand painted her portrait onto cream coloured calico and surrounded her with hand embroidered stars in bright yellow & pink and then embellished with glittery pink sequins and shiny glass beads, to match her eyes

I've hand embroidered the lyrics to quite possibly the best Bill Wyman song in the world, in black embroidery floss

Embellished with button, sequin & bead and a message on the back, also features a velcro fastening and pink tape measure hanging ribbon...well why not :)

This is one of my favourite songs...check it out and tell me it doesn't make you smile :)

Some people call me Maurice...switswoo!

Slap wristies and apologies for the woeful lack of updates!
I just dunno where the time goes

Anyhoo, I'm here now...better late than never eh?

So I have been experimenting a bit more with the whole embroidery and painting thing, with a few new bags and some canvas pieces too.
Hope you like them :)

Some people call me Maurice...switswoo!

I've used the same fabric as all the other, a cream coloured cotton, but dip dyed in watered down acrylic paint. The fabric crinkled up in the solution and the paint has formed a crackled effect which didn't disappear even after a gentle wash, but I'm liking the effect a lot!
Hand embroidered with hearts and flowers and a bit of artistic licence with the lyrics to The Joker

I did make this with the intention of selling on, but I've decided I'm keeping him for me!