Friday, 14 November 2008

COMMISSION!! Bless you!

Before I start: Date for the diaries folks: Sat. 29th November. Tis Dickens Night in Atherstone and the hardworking volunteers of tam cats cats protection league will be out in force with their stall to help raise funds for the shelter...all sorts of goodies to win on their raffle too, including a pet portrait by a local artist....(ahem!)

So if you are in the area hop along, join in the fun and bung a few quid on raffle tickets to help the poor wussies! x

Also a big thank you to Kelly over at the HappyShack, home to her gorgeous jewellery (and twins!) for featuring my Doris Day Cow...Woohoo for Doris Day Cow! :)

So to the pictures

This week I have mostly been painting elephants. This is a commission for a lady who's mum collects elephants....not real ones as clearly that would be madness...altho she would have magnificent roses.

Anyroad, a watercoloury elephant with her wee bairn...I've used a bit of restraint with this one...(not easy I can tell you!) I was looking for a marginally less derranged vibe from the usual

I found a poem about elephant hugs which I thought was fitting so after a bit adapting, that got chucked in, as did a sprinkling of gold sequin hearts and glittery blue glass beads and hand embroidered hearts in shiney,metallic threads...which put my teeth on edge cos they making a hideous scratchy nosie going thru the I suffer for my art I do :0)

It's destined as a Christmas prezzie, which is always a bit of a hope I wont be ruining anyone's Christmas this year...I'll suggest having a bottle of summin niffy on the subs bench just in case...*Aviance Night say

*you may be interested to know I still have the advert for that in my head..."I feel sweet n I feel good...I've had a whole full day of mother hood, but now I'm gunna have an Aviance Night!"...swing rubber gloves over head to illustrate point...

I'm off, I feel an embroidery coming on... x!

Friday, 7 November 2008

Uppy and downy...

And... queue UB40...

Wo woah yeah...there's a rat in mi kitchin what am I gunna do?

Embroider the bugger!!

Mouse?...Rat?...who cares?'s got Manhattan Transfer!!

Oh yes Chanson D'amour-Arific! (Had to be done I'm afraid...and did you know they're still going strong?

So you've already seen the watercoloury bit...well I've festooned him with embroidery hearts in reds n pinks n orange, French knots (natch!), musical notes, dinky red glass beads and a big old glittery crystal heart all dingly dangly off the edge of the canvas

I quite fancied a bit of off canvas action with this one, so I've taken the embroidery under the canvas and then back over..that's the kind of radical stitchery y' dealing with here!

Anyroad heading for Etsy this weekend if you're looking for summin a bit different on the Christmas front...nothing says "I love you" like a rodent....

....'cept maybe a bottle of Tweed

This week has mostly been:
Crappy... sad bye-bye to my furry mate Bruno :(

...Yay! Best friend visit fabby
...Boo! Best friend goes home, too far a-bloody-way! Car died

I've also been lumbered/ahem blessed, with I made Bond girls

ps. Wanna buy a car?