Sunday, 22 March 2009

John Wayne is Big Leggy...

...and indeed so is my latest offering
(Hayzi Fantazi anyone?)

Now I know this one isn't going to be everyone's cup o tea, but bear with me, cos I've had it in my head for a while now and had to get it out
There's actually a wee bit of a backstory to this wait, come back!

Picture a school play. This particular year the chosen theme was the Ugly Bug Ball. My costume was that of a punk bug (readers of this blog will be detecting a bit of a theme here); it comprised deeley boppers, swimming costume covered in zips, wellies and a pair of wings which my Dad had made at work by welding together metal rods (they weighed a ton and were probably in part responsible for the stoop that I've had ever since!)

Anyroad, my humiliation wasn't as bad as that of Billy, the kid (no relation) I was on stage with. He was a spider...his costume: shorts, vest and 4 pairs of his mums tights stuffed with paper n stapled to him. Unfortunately the tights just sort of hung there looking like...well tights...

Can't for the life of me remember what my line was, but I do remember that when teacher hit the music it was his cue to launch himself into the audience and prance around in a "scary" fashion

The song in question was Boris the Spider and since that day whenever I hear The Who I always think of that song, that play and Billy with his tights flailing wildly in the crowd!

So with that in mind..
Don't recoil in horror!
Brace yerself!

Bit of hot pre-embroidery action...

There's watercoloury spidey all leggy there! Free stylee with the paint again, he's all pretty in yellows and turquoisey greens with flashes of violets and reds.
And here he is again, hanging off his web which is a mass of crissy crossy embroidery silks in various lilac/lavender shades.

In addition to the Creepy Crawly chorus from Boris the Spider by The Who

I've also hand stitched the lines:
"Will you walk into my parlour?" said the Spider to the Fly,
'Tis the prettiest little parlour that ever you did spy"
From Mary Howitt's The Spider and the Fly, which I've always loved

The "parlour" is all prettified with a positive confetti of wee stitches in pinks, greens, reds and blue, pretty silky/glittery daisies and a few french knot buggy bits skittering about

But wait!

Is it a bird?! Is it a plane?! ..Nope, it's Spiderman Spiderman doing what ever spider this case, just hanging around, doin his thing in amongst the floweryness!

So there you have it...all a bit demented, but it makes me smile and hope it makes you smile too! :)

Also in the news:
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BONG! Budgies hanging around at BettyJoy!

BONG!! Now available for your purchasing pleasure at Miso Funky

...go on, sniff a know you want to!

Thank you for droppin' by! :)

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Buck. Buck. Buckkarkkk!

Painting. Sewing AND bird there no beginning to this gal's talents?


Here she is!

As I quite often used to have levelled at me at school, I have indeed gone "Mental.Mental.Chicken Oriental"

It might be a bit too jazzy for some, but I have to say I had a real ball doing this one! I guess it's because I've had it on the back burner for so long, plus having to be quite restrained what with the pet portraits and so forth

I've kept the painting free stylee to keep the colours fresh and bright, sketchy pencil marks are also visible cos I like that! Colours are shades of ochres, orangey/browns and lavenders with pinky red detailing.

Henny is peeking round a bushy undergrowth of hand embroidered greenery using a variety of silks and cottons in various shades of greens and yellows and a whiff of contrasting lilac. A ribbon of embroidered circles and glittery glass beads in a rainbow of colours runs through the middle of the picture to give added texture ........('ark at 'er!)

I've also added a smattering of hand embroidered hens amongst the grasses to keep her company!

The embroidery and painting continues over the edges of the canvas cos I like that n'all!

Hope you like it! :)
(Headed for Etsy)

Also in the news:

Page 12 of The Skinny people...oh yes, my foray into the fashion world is out in print (also available to view on line in case you're not near Scotland!)

The "have to laugh or I'll cry" farce and ever increasing repair bill on my heap of crap car continues a pace and the shabby tabby cat has hurt his leg fighting again which has made him even more bitey than he usually any offer's in the region of 2grand for the chicken would currently be gratefully received...and providing I don't completely lose the will to live I'm about to start work on a piece inspired by The Who!

I'm off under a duvet for the forseeable future

Thank you for droppin' by x:0)

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Multi-Coloured Swap Shop!

OOO if you down to the woods today you're sure of a big surprise, cos *today's the day the Polar Bear moves in with FancyPicnic!

(*S'not strictly true as it was last week, but why ruin the moment)

Right. When I was a wee girly I'd hang off my mum's pinny, whimpering until she cracked and I could drag her into Woolworths; a cavern of wonderoursness at that age...18...(no...I was about 4 or 5)

Anyroad I'd always make a bee line for the toys, specifically kaleidoscopes. They were just pure magical love for me, I'll never forget the wonder of the all colours n patterns n sounds they made and could have spent all day in there with them (if memory serves I was eventually given one!)

But the point I'm waffling to make is, Charlotte's work and photography takes me straight back there to those simpler days of pure enchantment with her combo's of colour and texture and glittery lovliness.
So when she agreed to go all Noel Edmonds Multi Coloured Swapshop with me I was thrilled to the bits!

Look! Int they GOOOORGEOUS!! (I've pinched Charlotte's piccies as I had no hope of doing them any justice with my pinhole camera n dwindling eyesight!)

Gorgeous fabrics...CHECK
Supreme craftwomanyship...CHECK
Glittery twinkly gorgeousness...CHECK

*As I said to my mother-in-law who made an attempt on their ownership....BACK OFF GRANDMA! (she's old, but surprisingly stealthy)

Lately I've been surrounded by petty beaureaucratic crap, rooking theiving car dealer conmen n general grey,drag you down miserableness. So to have these little beauties pop through the letter box, well it fair does the heart good and no mistake!

So to FancyPicnic, for putting all that thought, effort and love into your work and generally restoring my faith in human nature...I salute are madam, a star......albeit with big thighs...JOKE! x;0)

In other batches of puggy pendants are winging their way to the Miso Funky shoppy... are puggy pursies!

and stitchywork has begun on the chicken....huzzah!
Thank you for popping by! :)