Thursday, 30 April 2009

Lovey-Dovey, Lovey-Dovey...

Lovey-Dovey all the ti-ime...oo-ee baby I'll sure show you a good time...

Well actually I wont but I will show you my latest picture I've had a right old time of it lately, some good; new hounddog pendants have hitched their way to Glasgow and will be appearing at the forever fablus MisoFunky real soon....and some pants; vat/accounts/day job brain spoiling bleurgh (apologies to my bloggy chums as I've been a bit slipshod with my visits lately!); but I did eventually find the time to sit in the sunshine for the 2mins we had of it (damn you British summertime!) with the brushes n pointy sticks and do my stitchy thang!

So with flourish n a TAADAAA!!


I started out thinking "I'm gunna go all soft n gentle; muted palette mmm, peace, love n harmoniousy", but then I thought "Stuff that for a game of cowboys!"

So, sloshy freestylee watercolour dove all flappy in the wind. Haven't really painted the dove as such, more painted around it! I was going to be a bit more precise on the eye, beak and tootsies but I'm kind of digging the abstract vibe without it

I've festooned him with a big ole flock of colourful shiney chums all a-wheeling and a-whirling to keep him company

It's all going a bit Alfred Hitchcock!

Some have shot off the edges and one got a bit too close to the front of the canvas so all you can see is a big lump of wing...bit like having your thumb over the viewfinder :0)

Hope you like it!
Heading for an Etsy shop near you!

Tap.Tap.Tap...waiting patiently in the wings (snigger) this wee fella:

...for a change I know where I'm going with one so stay tuned cos he'll be appearing real soon

Thanks for droppin' by! x:)

Friday, 10 April 2009

My heart going...

Boom! Boom! Boom!...and wuff a bit too (as Peter Gabriel once said.)

This week I have mostly been painting small dogs...not literally, I've found they don't like it...

So a new batch of wooden heart pendants for your accessorizing pleasure:

First off
A slightly adapted version of my original puggy pendant.
This time pugster has gone all 50's rocker stylee with vintage tattoo roses..huzzah!
See puggy all pokey up behind his tatt!

Same vintage tattoo roses different doggy. This is a tiddly Boston terrier all Rockerbilly Rebelious in the Roses...I've the divinely cool Brook and her wee Gus over at Knit with Love to thank for the inspiration for this one...cheers missus!!
(Go check her out her shop....embroidery and accessory lusciousness!)

David Soul Silver Lady yeahh!
A tinsy shitzu...and let's face it there's not a funnier dog name, all bunched up fur in a spotty pink bow, a bit o silver leaf detailing an a David Soul hit...what more could ya want?!

And last but not least...
Spoilt Bitch Yorkie!
Look it had to be done...I'm sorry!
Besides this one makes me's the slightly manical expression. Again furry fiend with pretty bow and teeth! Goldy lookin' love hearts and suchlike...spoilt indeed!

All stained and handpainted by my own (slightly arthritic) hand ...acrylics, silver leaf, sequins and so forth, shiney varnished for durability and strung on glittery organza and cord and embroidery silks and all for sale over at my Folksy shop and don't forget folks I'm always up for a commission so if you're looking for a Barry White Weimaraner or a tattooed Dachshund, I'm ya gal...sorted

Also in the news:
Chicken pops up on EFA blog Thank you folks!
New embroidery in pipeline!

Right can't sit around here blogging all day, I've got Easter Eggs to attend to!
Have a choctastic Easter!!
Thanks for droppin' by! x:)

Friday, 3 April 2009

Le Coq au Doodle Dooo!

(titter) my mum used to say, pardon my french!

So. This latest piece is a commission from a lovely lady over in that there USA.
I urge you to visit her Etsy store as she makes the most gorgeous jewellery; all glittery and feminine with some vintage loveliness thrown in....gorgeous...go see!

I was pretty much given a free reign for this piece but with a few guidelines: colourful, possibly a bird, French theme and also incorporating a few personal bits and pieces with a sweepy arm and a bow, I present...


I decided on a cockerel, cos as you may know, I do like a chicken and I'm particularly fond of the colours of this fine chap, all fiery reds & oranges against a deep bluey grey with whiffs of pink and lilacs

To the embroidery and don't spare the gigi's!

See Msr.Coq standing proud in front of the Eiffel Tower, all metally criss-crossy ironwork with a tri-color flickering in the breeze

The pair are nestled in amongst a silky rainbow of stitchy undergrowth all leafy and grassy, festooned with French knots (oh I'm on a roll now!)and a scattering of wee glass beads.

The wording includes lines from the musical An American in Paris (one of my all time favourites and quite fitting in this instance!) and also I love Paris in the Springtime

To keep him company...3 French Hens...including one sitting on her nest... possibly laying an oeuf?

Currently winging (eh! eh!) his way to his new home barring disasters, quarantine issues etc

I hope the recipients will like him in the flesh/feathers. In the meantime I can be found behind the sofa again, chewing my nails to the knuckle...arty crafty posty stress disorder!

Also in the news:
BONG!! Henny Bunny combo pop up on She Can't Decide (thank you for the mention!)

BONG!! Currently about to start on a new range of wooden heart this space..and wrestling with new themes for painty stichyness...I've got pigeons in my head...but also squirrels are still in there...really should get out more...

Tata for now and thank you for droppin' by