Saturday, 30 May 2009

Din a ninna ninna ninna...

din a ninnna ninna ninna Mr. X-Stitch Mannnnnnnn!

First off I just want to say a ginormous THANK YOU to you all for your comments, mails and virtual hugs after my wee Bella means a lot and is helping immensely xx

So, chucking myself into work!...Here's big shout out to my Phat Quarter homeboy (see,down with the kids there folks) Mr. X-Stitch!

Now if you have a memory like mine...I can vivdly recall every tinsy detail of my childhood up to the age of 16...ask me what i did yesterday and I will faint at the effort of trying to remember..

Hmm? Oh yes...
Well you may recall I am a fully (non) paid up member of the Phabulous Phat Quarter over on that there Flickr...heading up the band of merry stitchers next to his sister (I'm on to you 2!) is Mr. X-Stitch himself and after a bit of banter and veiled threats of violence, I'm chuffed to say I have secured a piece of his cross-stitch fabulousness of my very own which I will treasure forever...(unless he becomes as famous as I think he will, in which case it will be sold to highest bidder...Mimi needs a Merc..JOKE!)

So anyroad this is my homage if you will to His Stitchyness...

I give you... "X-Hens:This Time it's Personal"thankyouverymuch!

Here come the pre-stitching action
Meet Simone, Rose and Wendy...pucker hens these, not just some random ones I've done!
All free with the watercolourin' in soft peachy/yellows n whiffs of lilacy blues (they are very pretty girls!)

See the hens all mooching around in the silky stitchy undergrowth wot I have festooned with glass beads and stuff...

Fell off the canvas again:

And there in the corner...Mr.X-Stitch Man with his call to arms
"With a needle of truth and a hoop of justice. To protect society from the threat of evil mutants. Come to me my X-Hens!"

Bushy leafyness!

Now stay tuned as Mr. Mouse is well under way...honest Guv!
Thanks for droppin' by x:)

Friday, 22 May 2009

Of Mouse n Man...

..and his sister!

Right, first off apologies if you've popped in to see what i've done to Mr. Mouse; bugger all yet would be the answer to that!
But, I haven't been *sitting around on my ever expanding buttocks all day eating cake, oh no, it's been a positive painty stichy fest here!
*(...I lie...)
It's a wonderous thing this internet mularkey innit!?
I've made some smashing new chums (you lot in my linky list and my faithful bunch of commentors for a start...feeling the love people...right back atcha!!) and joined some awe-inspiring groups

A wee while ago I joined the phrankly phabulous Phat Quarter, a group of needle wielders, over on that there Flickr...blimey there's some talent on there!

It's run by the brother and sister stitching Super Power: Beefranck & Mr.X Stitch.

They are also the geniuses behind the only podcast worth listening to, Emergency Pants and Mr X Stitch the ultimate in cross stitch/embroidery blogging...(and I'm not just saying that cos I was given a lovely post on there...honest guv'nor!)
I like to think that their family communicate through the medum of cross stitch
Grab your purses, go shop!

Whilst I'm at it I also want to publicly declare my love for the supremely talented Penny Nickels
Penny has recently organised the mother of all swapping sessions with the Phat Quarter group. The theme was "Anatomy" and over 30 of us took part and 3 guesses who is currently beside themselves with excitement to be receiving one her pieces in the swap...teeheee...(that would be me then) wanna see my picture?
Here is my part of the swap which is now residing with the naughty but nice (and fellow rat lover!) Ruby

It was a nerve wracking moment for me as it's a bit of a departure from the cuteside!
So here it is...
This is my version of the Jenny Saville painting "Propped" (one of my favourite artists present day).

Big (literally) sloshy watercolour nude.

You'll note I was a bit lively with the paints on the background, which I did like, but found the embroidery was getting lost, so I white washed it out, which I also kinda liked as some of the colour seeped thru in places

Keeping madam company are 3 stitchy ladies in shades of aquamariney greens..(look at her with her bristols out!).. just taking it casual, draped amongst the undergrowth all pinks, reds and clashy oranges.

Glittery glass beads and strategically placed french knots and few wee tiddlypeeps swimming around.
I also chucked in some Nina Simone lyrics cos I thought they were quite fitting:

Got my hair. Got my head. Got my brains. Got my ears
Got my eyes. Got my nose. Got my mouth. Got my smile
Got my tongue. Got my chin. Got my neck. Got my boobs
Got my heart. Got my soul. Got my back. Got my sex. Got my arms

Spelling mistake...could've unpicked it, but where's the fun in that eh?! :)

So that's what I've been up to but stay tuned for piccies of Penny's work pass the mouse...

Also this week a very sad bye-bye to my furry mate Bella :(

Thanks for droppin' by x

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Be it ever so humble...

...there's gno place like gnome...titter

Well this is probably one of the more unusual requests I've had but oooo I've had fun doing it!

I was contacted by a lovely lady via my Etsy shop who wanted a portrait of a gnome.
I was pretty much given a free rein (my most favourite of all!) with just the addition of her favourite lyric from Nothing Better by The Postal Service and also to give him a kind of wistful/heartbrokeny look, which I hope I've managed to achieve...see wotcha think

So introducing with a bow...


Mr.Gnome, despite his increasing sense of abandonement, is resplendant in shades of deep bluey grey against fiery red/orange with whiffs of pink and purples and a rather spiffy orangey belt

Well and truly stitched up

Aww, see him there, all unsure of foot in his pointy-nointy hat, standing under a tiddly lantern waiting for his girlfriend...will she show or swerve?

A smattering of glass beads amongst a silky undergrowth, starting with gold and working the way through the rainbow, add extra glittery may have noticed, I do like a bit of undergrowth!

I cannot tell you how much fun I had doing those toadstools..which are edged by the Postal Service lyric and a few tiny blue hearts (see what I did there!?)
There's also a couple of wee lanterns dotted about to help him find his way home in the dark...alone

Currently winging his way to his gnew home in the US of A...where I hope he will find the love he is looking for :)

Stayed tuned folks as there's some hot embroidery swapping action currently in progress and some spiffy Mr.XStitch blogging action to report!

Thanks for droppin' by! x;)