Friday, 18 September 2009

BOING! "Time for Bedlington" said Zebedee...


Yay! Hope everyone's fine and dandy?!
Right this is a biggun folks so you might want to grab yourself a nice cup o rosey and settle down for a bit...this may take a while!

These are the *final pieces in the series of 10 for the Aardvark Tea Room & Gallery set...*(I heard that cheer at the back!)

I am officially cream crackered with all the stitching so will be having a little breakaroonie for a while...(was that a sigh of relief George?!)

But I am taking part in the new Phat Qarter NSFW swap and also have new batch of mini's in the pipeline for my compadres at Miso Funky Towers so will be back in the stitchy groove soon. In the meantime I can be found tucked up against the autumn nip in the air with something tasty and cakeyish and Ovaltine

So, talking of snuggling up warm and cozy, I'd like to introduce...

Mama's & Papa's Time for Bedlington Terrier

Gawd I really hope you aren't getting too bored with these wee fellas? This chappy will send you right off to sleep if you are...


I usually like to give you a bit of hot pre-embroidery action with these, but the batteries packed up that day so you'll have to forgive the lack of wip shots!

See Mr. Bedlington all star gazey and woolly against the blue and purpley sky

Twinkle, twinkle little stars (and biggun's too) in a variety of metallic threads, including the one that puts my teeth on edge when I'm stitching with it!

Stitchy lyrics:
Stars shining bright above you
Night breezes seem to whisper I love you
Birds singing in the sycamore tree
Dream little dream of me

Well it beats counting sheep eh!?


The Cure: Wonderfully Pretty Kitty

Ah it's one for the pussy lovers (matron!) a break from the doggies to bring you a cheery, bright stripey marmalade cat, just lying about, taking it casual amongst the pretties!

I really enjoyed this one! It's just loose and free watercolour madness with sloshy flicky bits and general devil may careness...much like meself really ;0)

Kitty is surrounded by a swathe of silky, stitchy flowers in a rainbow of colours; you gotcha reds n yellows n pinks n greens...and so on! There's shiney metallicy bits, french knots and a wee stripey stitchy friend for company....see how content they are with all the "purrs"

Stitchy lyrics in shades of green and orange from one of my favourite tunes:
"We're so wonderfully wonderfully wonderfully wondefully pretty!"

Name that tune Tom O' Connor!

Picture number 2 please:
"Lucky Lucky Lucky Kylie Kitty"

Slinky black cat, well I say black but it's more shades of deep bluey/greys with flash of bright juicy orange for a nice bit o contrast!

Keeping kitty company, a saucy vintage tattoo totty! She's festooned with stitchy shamrocks in a variety of silks, fluorescents and metallics, there's another vintage "Number 7" tattoo with a cheeky wee mousey on and lots of lovely french knots and flowery bits scattered amongst the lucky stuff

Stitchy lyrics:
I'm dreaming
You fell in love with me
Like I'm in love with you
But dreaming's all I do
If only they'd come true
I should be so...

I'll name that tune in one! :)

Come in number 3 please your time is up:

"Lionel Ritchie Hello Kitty Stitchy Committee"

(working title!)

A close up portrait this time of a lovely stripey tabby (not unlike my Mr. BiteyBabe)
in shades of blues and lilacs and browns

A garland of pretty flowers and french knots in silky shiney pinks and greens and a
wee Hello Kity in the corner having a little wave at you!

Stitchy lyircs:
Hello!! Is it me you're looking for?

I'm not a number 4 I'm a free man!

"California Dreamin' Greyhound"

Another close up portrait, this time a wee brindle greyhound in shades of orangey browns and lilacs

Stitchy lyircs:
All the leaves are brown
And the skies are grey (hound)
I went for a walkies
On a winters day

(I'm fairly sure those were the original Mama's n Papa's words)

Well all the aren't leaves brown. In fact none of 'em are! They are though red and orange and glittery metallic gold and purple! See 'em all a-whirling n a-swirling round houndy head!

And finally (was that a sigh of relief at the back?!?)

"Sunny Sunny Puggy!"

Ah a return to pugsville! You gotta love a pug intcha...look at him all smiley n daft n tiddly!
Free and loose with the paints in shades of lilac, turquoisey blue and deep blue/grey

Got a touch of the Vincent van Gogh's going on here with some big old floppy sunflowers using all manner of free stitchy bits; metallic thread for extra glimmer and shedload of french knots for your texture pleasure!

Stitchy lyrics:
Sunny, thank you for that smile upon your face
Sunny one so true
I love you!

Possibly Boney M...figure they'd be quite know...Bonio's n all that

So here they all are then, a group shot if you will, and they are all available for your perusing purchasing pleasure from Aardvark, as is cake.

After nappage I will mostly be painting and stuffing budgies for my Miso Funky chums. But no need for the RSPCA calls folks, it's a new flock of lavender scented hangers - cos nowt says "Happy Christmas, I love you!" than a stuffed budgie...get them whilst they're hot...get them whilst they're stuffed....get stuffed x;0)

I'm off...and don't forget:

Thanks for droppin' by! x;0)

Sunday, 13 September 2009

A wop-bop a-loo-bop...

...a wop bam BULL DOG!

Well the mountain of cake crumbs have been hoovered up, the skip full of wine bottles removed and the muumuu has been let out (again) in preparation for Christmas.

Yes folks the birthday, like my youth, eyesight and natural haircolour has been n gone and now it's back to stitching with a vengance!

So next up in the series for the Aardvark Tea Room & Gallery. Doggy number 4 please....

Hopefully you're now familiar with:
Baz Man's Lola Chihuahua

Kojak Pug

Donny Osmond Dachshund

so now I would like to introduce you to:

Carmen Miranda vs Little Richard BullDogthankyouverymuch!

Bosh! See bully bull dog all sloshy in the watercolouring. Shades of golden browns and whiffs of pinks and lilacs all sit against a bright cheery turquoise

A face like a bulldog chewing a wasp? Well it's no real wonder. I mean, he's sitting there minding his own business....

.....singing a bit of Little Richard to pass the time and then one whiff of Tutti Frutti and before you know it, who rocks up?

Only Carmen bloody Miranda!
Look at 'er all in her fruity finery...she's so excited she's flinging grapes all over the shop...I mean really have some self control woman!

Fruity bouff is festooned with wee glassy beads, french knots and all sorts of zingy shades of silks n such...but she carries on like that she'll end up losing those narna's n pineapples!

So if you want to save him from all the aye carrumba-ing pop down to St.Leonards-on-Sea or drop Aardvark a line here and they'll oblige willingly...gawd only knows what she's doing with all the cake's n biccies down there?!....

Please remember folks a dog is for life not just for Christmas (or Carmen Miranda). But if you do want to give the gift of dog, cat or any other furry, feathery or scaley chum then drop me a line :)

Next time: Bedlington terrier vs Mama's n Papa's, a glimpse of the other 5 and some hot Miso Funky action!

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Crazy Horses A-WAH A-WAH (part 3!)

Well not quite...

Well it's September folks, nippy autumny whiffs in the air, kiddywinks back to school and of course the obligatory Christmas mince pies in the supermarkets.(NO! NO! NO!...It's wrong I tell you...keep Christmas in piggin' December!!!!...grrr)

Mind you saying that, if you should be looking for a fabulously unique, one of a kind, Christmas gift for that special someone, then do consider the gift of MimiLove! A fully customized, personalized, Mimilized portrait be it furry, scaley or feathery friend could be the answer to all your Christmas quandries and lets face it nowt says "I love you" than a dog embroidered with *Barry Manilow lyrics
*(other lyrics/artistes are available!)

So talking o ggggrrrrrr!
This wee chappy is the 3rd in the series for the Aardvark Tea Room & Gallery

The first group have arrived safely and are currnetly enjoying the cakey delights and spiffy Art's Festival going on this month

The other 5 are still having their stitches sorted but are well under way and itching to get down there to join in the fun!

So, you've met Bazza Manilow's Lola the Chihuahua and Kojak Pug so now I would like to introduce you to:

See Donny all watercoloured right up in shades of the deepest blues n greys with flashes of orangey browns and some sloshy reds and purples for good measure!

He's a miniture dachsie in every sense (12cm by 10cm to be exact...bless!) and trying depserately to impress depsite his lack of inches, unfortunately he's a bit on the thick the spelling mistake?!

And they called it pOUppy love
Oh I guess they'll never know
How a young heart really feels
And just why I love you so

Well he tried bless him!

It's a shame cos he'd written it beautifully in his best stitchy black handwriting, then goes and let's himself down by crossing it out in orange and hopes nobody notices...tch!

Anyway he's hoping a big old bunch of poppies in reds, purples and glittery metallic pinks with some glass beads will distract you from his feeble shiney!

So if you're looking for cake, culture and illiterate dachshunds get y'self down to St.Leonards-on-Sea and soak in the good MimiLoving!

There's another birthday in the MimiJoint this wek so if you don't hear from me for a wee while it's cos I'm in a cakey coma...also big HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! to my birthday doppleganger GiddyGirlie!

Pass the choccies!!!
Thanks for droppin by! x;0)