Wednesday, 21 October 2009

PSSST....'ere missus...wanna buy budgie?!

OOO it's good to be back, fair missed the blogging and my bloggy chums I have, so big HELLO! to you all!

Well I have recovered from the marathon stitch fest for Aardvark; I'm rested, caked and ready to go and lately I have mostly been painting n stuffin' budgies...not literally as clearly that would be wrong plus the buggers don't stay still for long enough

A spanky new flock of budgie stufferies..winging..(titter)...their way off to Miso Funky towers for your purchasing pleasure, so if you're looking for a unique and orignal way to say "Happy Christmas Darling!"...consider the gift of's the gift that just keeps on giving!!

So here they are to brighten up a dull October day
Budgie no.1:

All aquamariney blues with whiffs of yellow sitting in his stitchy cage. As my dear derranged and ever so slightly violent Nanny Miles used to say "OOO's a pretty boy then?!?" (...she also used to swear a LOT but I didn't think it would be appropriate in this instance...altho it has given me an idea for a new range!)

A dingly,jingly bell and a sprinkling of french knots, glass beads in blues and oranges and tinsy drops of glittery gold add a bit of sparkle!

Budgie no.2

A rather inquisitive any Trill going?

Jingly gold bell and a garland of stitchy flowers interspersed with sequinny blooms in shades of pinks and clashy oranges, french knots and dinky glass beads

Budgie no. 3

ooo hello, it's budgie no.2's twin...same budgie, different day as they say...sort of! Shades of pinks and reds in the florals to ring the changes

Budgie no. 4

"Polly wanna cracker?!" better get him one quick of he'll be shovelling down those flowers like billy-o!
Silver metal chain with a cluster of tinkly silver bells sits amongst hand stitched flowers n shiney silky turquoise with fluorescent green french knots, glass beads and multi toned sequinny bits

Budgie no.5

Feathery fella florally festooned in er... pinks, reds oranges and golds...with bells on!

Budgie no. 6

Reds, oranges and glittery gold surround our final feathery friend!

All the gang are hand painted in acrylics, hand embroidered and then finished with spotty ribbony loops, black & white gingham backing and the merest whiff of lavender for your hanging and sniffing pleasure!

(Please note cage not's me mother-n-laws and she'd go mental!)

So head on over to Miso Funky and get 'em whilst they're hot, get 'em whilst they're stuffed...get stuffed!

Also in the works are a range of new mini's for Miso, global swapping action with my new Tokyo based chum Monsterosity which I'm unbelievably excited about and a pretty kitty commission...and also some napping and probably some steamed pudding and custard action

Thanks for droppin' by! x;0)