Thursday, 19 November 2009

Little cock...


Made you look! Made you stare! Made you lose your underwear!

Well you should know me by now; show me a tone and I'll lower it ;0)

Anyroad latest addition to the Mimilove stable (nest?) of stuffed stuff, a wee Cockney Sparrow...or should that be sparra?

See the Bow & Arrow sat on his Bottle & Glass, 'aving a Butcher's Hook at the world going by..

'old the Dog & Bone...he's Pearly Queen you strolling up the Frog & Toad:
And I quote:

"Cor Blimey! I can't Adam & Eve my Mince Pies!
You're a Bobby Dazzler & no mistake!"

Bless his wee Cockney Jam Tart!

Mr. Sparrow sits on his machine stitched perch amongst a big old bunch of grassy stuff and leafery in bright clashy oranges, pinks and yellows with blues and greens and a smattering of tiddly green glass beads. The painty background has a mettalic acylic paint mixed in it for a bit of glittery goodness too. He's backed with black & white gingham, has a spotty pink & white loop and is stuffed with hollowfibre for your squidging pleasure

Bow and Arrow = Sparrow
Bottle & Glass = A....nswers on a postcard
Butcher's Hook = Look
Dog & Bone = Phone
Pearly Queen = Seen
Frog & Toad = Road
Adam & Eve = Believe
Mince Pies = Eyes
Bobby Dazzler = rather attractive (not y' classic rhyming slang)
Jam Tart = Heart
Sausage and Mash = Cash

So there you go; stuffed stuff, painty parts, stitchy bits AND an English lesson..where you gunna get that for your Sausage & Mash?
( shop by the way!)

TTFN and thanks for droppin' by!

Wednesday, 11 November 2009



I know I know! I'm sorry! It's rude, childish & puerile...but it HAD to be done I'm afraid...besides, where else y' gunna get hand painted, hand embroidered, hand stuffed blue tits complimenting you...hmm?

So, grab the smelling salts, wipe up that spilt tea vicar and cop a load of this pair of beauties!

A free style painting of a wee blue tit sitting on a stitchy branch watching the world go by.

But wait! You appear to have caught his eye:
"May I say you are particularly lovely today"

"Indubitably!" concurs his wee stitchy friend in the corner

The very polite chap and his posh mate are nestled in amongst the hand stitched undergrowth in all the colours of the rainbow. Also has a bit of glitteryness going on in the shape of some sequinny leaves and golden glass beads

Front is painted and stitched onto unbleached calico. Backing is a heavyweight black and white gingham and is filled with hollowfibre padding. Also features a pink and white spotty ribbon for your suspending pleasure!

Measures approx:Width 10cm x Height 13cm

So if you are looking for something a bit different this Christmas hop on over to my shoppe

MimiLove...for gifts that just keep on givin'...for love that keeps on lovin'!

tata for now...