Sunday, 5 December 2010

Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner!

Hello to everyone and may I say you are all looking particularly magnificent that a new hair do? Well it's knocked years off you and you look bloody gorgeous!

BBBRRRR!!!!!! By 'eck Our Vera it's a bit brass monkeys round here these parts at the moment, snow n everything, but I've whipped off the bobble hat for a few mins and shoved everyone's names in it, dragged Mr. Mimi out of his shed to pick a name...and the winner of the Great Aimee Ray/MimiLove Giveaway Bonanza is...(drrrrrrum rollll....ddrrrrrrr)



I shall be annoying you for posty details forthwith and hoping that despite the feeble 2cm of snow that has caused postage mayhem, ground the UK to a halt and sent the household kitties belting round the garden at 90mph, you will be celebrating Christmas this year with a book n a Cockney Sparra ...well it makes a change from turkey eh?

Right the rest of you, now no buggering off in a flouncey sulk just yet cos I've still got gubbins to show you, so grab yourself a cup of Rosie and an early mince or an ecclefechan pie and meet Buddy

Now I do love a Boston Terrier so when the lovely Terri dropped me a line to commission a portrait of her mum's dog for the Christmas I was fair tickled pink! Cop a visual and tell me he doesnt just make you giggle with glee!

Terri gave me a few idea's of her mum's favourite things including dogwood blossoms and red cardinal birdies, so Buddy, surrounded by a shimmery silver arc, pops up behind a lovely lush lawn of stitchy grasses with glittery glass beads in greens and blues

A bower of dogwood blossoms in stitchy, springtime shades of baby pinks, creamy, pearly oyster and snowy white and keeping him company wee red and black cardinals singing Buddy and his "mum" a song of love!

Chock full of leafery and all sortsof stitchy undergrowth and currently winging it's way to the snowy side of the States Alaska that's some hardcore snow!

If you're looking for a custom pet portrait or you are stuck for prezzy ideas and looking for summin a bit unique head on over to the shop cos nowt says Happy Christmas better than stuffed budgie...MimiLove...the gift that keeps on giving ;0)

So, a humongous thank you again to Aimee Ray and Lark Publishers for the opportunity and to all of you for taking the time to leave such lovely comments (and in some cases hysterical.... you are all completely insane!) and to those who weren't picked I'm sending big virtual Mimi Love and Hugs: Touch your screens now. Feel the warmth? That's MimiLove that is! x;)

Stay tuned folks coming up in 2011 new collab action from me and the Idiom boys, an Aimee Ray portrait, some possible magazine action and another giveaway!

Now did someone say ecclefecken tart? Well there's no need for that! x;D
Big loves my homies, thanks for droppin' by n if I don't see you before and in the immortal words of Slade A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAAAAAAAARGHHHS to y'all!!

Sunday, 14 November 2010



On the first day of Christmas, MimiLove gave to me... a Sparra wot talks Cockneeeey!!

On the second day of Christmas, MimiLove gave to me... a book by Mrs. Ray...first name Aimeeeee!

Howdy doo folks...well s'not quite Christmas but I am having a giveaway..huzzah!

My mate, the frankly fabulous Aimee Ray Queen of the Stitchy Universe and the folks at Lark Publishing have not only mentioned me in, but have also sent me, a copy of Aimee's new book: Doodle Stitching the Motif Collection, to giveaway to one of you lot...ooooo you lucky Bloggers!

Yoink! Photo courtesy of

I do owe Aimee a massive debt of gratitude as she was one of the folks who inspired me to take up stitching in the first place. If you haven't ventured into the stitching world yet but always fancied a go then I really can't recommend her first book Doodle Stitching enough. It was the catalyst to all the stuff you've seen me knock up on you've got Aimee to partly blame! x;0)

Yoink! Photo courtesy of

But it's well written with brilliantly clear illustrations and instructions on a variety of stitches and some really lovely, simple to follow projects to make too. The latest book is a follow up to the first with some gorgeous motifs and again some really lovely and useful projects from homewares to clothing and jewellery and even includes a cd with the motifs on for you to copy and adapt

Yoink! Photo courtesy of

Perfect for all levels of skill and the projects would make rather spiffing handmade gifts for the impending festivities, thereby giving you a warm fluffy feeling inside knowing you've given truly unique personal gifties, when everyone else is copping a box of Harpic scented bath "cubes"....thanks for those last year by the know who you are! ;D

So to go with the book I'm bunging in a dollop of MimiLove in the form of this fella...

Acrylics, hand embroidery and chock full of stuffin' for your squidging pleasure!

Mr.Cockney Sparrow looking a wee bit peeved
Cockney lesson no 5 now repeat after me...
"Strike a light!
I'm bleedin' cream crackered!
Make us a cup o Rosie Lee, I'm spitting feathers 'ere luv!"

To translate:
"Goodness me I'm tired. Would you mind awfully making me a cup of tea, as I'm really rather parched"
Cream crackered = knackered = tired
Rosie Lee = tea

Surrounded by feathers and a birds and glittery goodness and comes with a spotty red ribbon for suspending off a tree or knob of your choice...snigger...

To get your mitts on our stitchy/booky bits just leave me a rhyming slang if you like (not necessary but will keep me amused!)

Comments close on the 28th November 2010 so approx 2 weeks Mimi-Time and I will bung all your names into a bag and make someone else pick one out so I don't feel guilty about anyone missing can blame them then.

Winner will be announced on 5th December and I will post as soon as I have your details. I will post internationally too cos I'm lovely like that x;0)

Righto I've got stitching, naps and all manner of cup cakes to fit in today so I'm off for now, but stay tuned folks cos in addtion to announcing the giveaway winner and hot mincepie action, I'll have shed loads to fill you in on when you come back including Christmas commission heading off to Alaska again...bbbrrrrrrrrr!

So a big thank you to Aimee and Lark Publisher's for giving me the chance to have this giveaway and again thank you to all my lovely chums for droppin' by! x;0)

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Roller coaster of emulsions!

EY UP! 'Ows you then? :)
Well I was gunna regale y'all with one of me n the bezzies school summer hols day trips with the folks, specifically the one where after a fab day out at Hayling Island we headed for the fun fair whilst Mum gathered the smelling salts and Dad got in some kip in readiness for the drive home

The one where all my efforts to impress the strapping young carnies on the waltzer failed miserably due to the combo of super strong waltzer G-force which not only gave me the mother of all cow licks, made my top lip disappear and stick to my gums leaving my teeth exposed in a rictus stylee grin and (what with it being early 80's so pre any meaningful Health n Safety regs) the exposed metal of the seat shaved most of the skin off my left shin.

I tried my best to alight from the ride with what grace I could muster, what with the super exposed forehead, perma grin and gaping leg wound, but the heel of my shoe got caught in wooden slats and so as the ride ground slowly round taking me with it and thereby giving the rest of the fairground a stunningly thorough view of my predicament too, my abiding memory was seeing my bezzie standing on steps laughing hysterically as I was frantically trying to extricate my foot...suffice to say when I did finally get free I had to head to the nearest doughnut stand to calm myself down...and I didn't give her one either....flounce!!

But I've got far too much to show n tell you without bothering you with all that! x;0)

So if you're of a nervous disposition or have a heart condition you may want to get off now; the rest of you, strap yourselves in, hold on tight, enjoy the ride... and try not vomit on the keyboard...

Roll up!! Roll up!! Wanna win a Sock Bunny?! Anna Hull, AKA The Bunny Maker has put together a showcase to help raise funds for the Rabbit Welfare Association, which is just one of many causes close to my heart. It's not only a hub for bunny facts and info but also chock full of all sorts of lovely goodies from homewares, personal accessories and craft supplies from a raft of artists and crafters including Asking for Trouble, Eastwitching, Jay Anderson (hold that thought!) and some old tart called MimiLove to name but a few.

Yoink!Photo courtesy of Anna Hull

Somewhere in between looking after her family, running a business and just generally being superwoman Anna also finds the time to tirelessly raise funds and awareness for RWA and has put together a blog to support and further promote the fund too.

So to help spread the word and bunny love head on over to the bunny blog. If you sign up for the newsletter you could also win one of Anna's gorgeous lavender filled Sock Bunnies! :)
Talking of fluffy bunnies (no, really, they'll love that!)...the chaps from Id-iom have dropped me a line to let me know that the fruit of our creative juices (eww!) "Pretty Boy" is now ensconced in the rather spiffy gallery for all things street arty: Graffik, where we're rubbing shoulders with the likes of Dan Baldwin and Goldie no less!

So if you're mooching around Portabello Road any time soon drop in and see our collective brain parts hammered to their wall (and be warned that we're shaping up for some more hot collaboration action soon too!)
Which leads me rather nicely on to Tarkinson72ers; skillful street artist and thoroughly lovely young man! So you know I'm all like down with the kids/hep cat/groovy chick etc? (I have a sneaking suspicion I'm really more like one of those embarassing fake auntys, all cheek pinchy and spitty hankies) Anyway, after a bit of banter and barter there's a Cockney Sparrow residing in Germany and I've got my mitts on this collection of fabulousness!

Not only pieces featuring Tark's street art and trademark Devil but a collection of paste-ups, stickers and cards too...which I think I'm probably supposed to go out and spread around but I'm a covetous, selfish old bag; they're mine, they're far too magnificent to part with and they smell nice too...mmm...inky!
Right, hold on tight we're heading from Germany to Australia and my very naughty and utterly wonderful friend Clair! So I was on a bit of a downer t'other day what with both the telly and car conspiring with each other to mess with my mind and pack up within hours of each other on top of a load of other pile of pants. Posty arrives and hands me a package hot off the plane from Oz. I was a bit confused cos I wasnt expecting owt from anywhere but I have just sold a painting to that neck of the World. Mr.Mimi said it was probably being sent back cos they didnt like it...he really is a never ending source of support and with heart failure imminent you can only imagine the intital relief followed but goose bumpy joy to see this:

A lovely birthday gift...not only a collection of gorgeous threads (droool!) a card that had me in stitches (pardon my pun) and wee brochure from her home town, but one of Clair's beautiful handmade needlecases. I spent the rest of the day just mooning around the house feeling all loved and thankful for being blessed with having such lovely friends in my life!
In amongst the stitchy goodness was also a copy of Richard Perso's cd:  Out from the Shadows.  He's one of my fave musicians and also happens to be Clair's son! Go check him out here cos I cannot recommend him highly enough!

And finally! From my mate n her, musical genius son to a wee ferret with a bit of a gob on him! :)

Yes folks he's finally finished...just sent this wee fella up the trouser leg of the prodigious of talent and fantastical of imaginationals Dolores!

The Axis of Weasel..."But I'm n 'effin Ferret?!"...thankyouverymuch

I had the scantiest of briefs (titter) that of a ferret with a political bent and a few choice words to say to Tone Blair/Greenspan and their kind

Now I'll be completely honest here; when it comes to owt of a serious nature world politics n suchlike, it's safe to say I fall into the 2 short planks/thick as brick department but, I do know me way round a bit of cockney rhyming slang and a tune or two!

With that in mind, I've drawn a bit of stitchy caricature inspiration from the likes of Gerald Scarfe and so there's Blair, Bush and Greenspan all feeling the Wrath of the Cockney Ferret:
"Merchant Bankers!" "Porky Pie-rs!"

And cue Stealers Wheels lyrics:
I got the feeling that somethin' aint right
I'm so scared in case I fall of my chair
And I'm wonderin' how I'll get down the stairs
Clowns to the left of me!
Jokers to the right!

See him there in amongst the stitchy carnations (them's the official flower of Spain which is where Dodo hails from) and smatterin's n scatterin's of leaves, French knots and glittery glassy beads to add to the general mayhem!

Once again I cannot tell you how much I love doing this sort of work...just gimme a picture and a few guidelines and I'll give you a unique portrait of your loved one and then bore the world rigid with it a few weeks later! x:)

Well, I hope you enjoyed the ride but before you stagger off the blog to the doughnut stand, dazed, cow-licked and probably a tad nauseous, brace yourselves for next times thrilling edition cos I've got some hot giveaway action going down!

Aimee Ray, Queen of the Stitchy Universe and one of life's wonderous folk has not only mentioned me in but is also sending me a copy of her new book, Doodle Stitching the Motif Collection, to giveaway...ooooo you lucky Bloggers! (and there's wee summin' from me n'all!)x;0)

Oooo and before I disappear into the ether like the Marie Celeste only a bit wider of stern, an immense THANK YOU to the aforementioned lovely Jay Anderson over at Ziggy's blog for including me as part of the "Ziggy meets..." series (anyone who knows their way round a Tunnocks tea cake is defo Mimi People!)

Head on over if you want to read the witterings of a mad woman...(that would be me not you offence!) or better still pop to the shop and cop yourself a Tunnock! x;)

Now can't sit around here bloggering about with you lot all day cos I've got snacks to eat, tea to drink n try and get a nap in somewhere too.....honestly I just dunno how I cram it all in y' know?!

Big loves to you all my homies and thanks for droppin' by! x;0)

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Sonic the Ironic Hedgehog

Sonic boom boy...sonic boom boom boy!

Allo darlin's how we all hangin' then...magnificently I hope?! :)

So this is 40 eh? Well if the past few days are anything to go by, I'm giving it back thank you very's been a prickly old month so far...injections, blood tests, vampire hedgehogs,'s had it all!

Ailing relatives, the loss of our beloved tabby chappy Babe to hyperthyroidism and now our other kitty, Mimi (THE in "MimiLove Forever") recent diagnosis of diabetes which has meant testing, injecting and a steep learning curve for us, it's not been the best of starts to this spanky new phase of my life...stress levels are as high as her blood sugar and vet bills!

Suffice to say the aforementioned visit to Woburn is well and truly on the back burner at least 'til both kitty and me are stable!

But if our brilliant new vet is helping kitty feel better then my most excellent flickr chum Dolores is taking care of my mental health and well being with her wonderous work, not only a prescription for general blues beating in the shape of her Shoggoth compadres but a birthday card/cake too...and let's face I LOVE DA CAKE! x:)

If you're not familiar with D's work then you really need to visit The Graphic Souk and have a good old wander through her magnificent imagination, I cannot recommend it or Dolores highly enough!

So in between hospital/vet/poor house trips I have managed to get a bit of painting in.

Now it's either a spooky coincidence or I'm a natural diviner of hedgehogs, cos there we were buggering about in the garden of a Sunday...can't really call what we do gardening, more thrashing around aimlessly with blunt instruments, but judging by the 3 million (roughly) sparra's and various pests n such, the wildlife seem to like it (neighbours are none too impressed but then we live nextdoor to a pub so it's hard to tell the difference sometimes)

Anyroad there we were, thrashing around, when wee this fella staggered out of a bush thing (technical latin garden term there)

Meet Mr. Humphries..."I vant to suck your blud!"

It was only a fleeting visit though, cos unlike Alan who just needed a few weeks of kitty dins and de-lungworming to get him back to the wilderness, this poor wee sod had a duff leg, so it was straight to vet next morn for some professional poking about
Anyroad we haven't heard how Mr.H is doing but I have finished my poking about with his painty counterpart, so here he is with all the stitching n stuff...

See him there getting ready for a bit of hibernating action in amongst the hand stitchy leaves...

He's just nestling down on his bed of glittery glass beads (ouch!) to catch a few zed's when... what the bleedin' hell that?!?!

It's only Sonic the soddin' Hedgehog shooting through racing off to me Etsy shop leaving a glittery gold trail in his midst...tsk...ruddy blue loonie!

Blasting from the pasting Westworld lyrics a-plenty...leaf one:
Cos I'm flying high
On a rocket in the sky

Leaf two:

Heading for the Mimilove Emporium...a mince pie free zone for the time being at least unlike the supermarkets from 01st Sept!...I mean, you know me I'll have y' arm off for a cake/Christmas based morsel but c'mon!

Righto that's me then...I'm off to apply a few more Shoggoths to rest my achey brain and then I shall be starting work on a ferret with political leanings...stay tuned folks
Ta Ta for now my bloggy chums and thanks for droppin' by!

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Flock o Cockneys

Allo my old china's! :)

And how are we all today, looking spectacular I must say...have you been working out?
I haven't.

I did think about it and even went into the shed where the excercise bike has been abandoned relocated, but I was side tracked by a box of gubbins that needed a good rummaging so once again the excercise regimin has gone to big pants...quite literally in my case!

However I am still just about the right side of a muumuu cos my stitchy mate Sarah Terry, the artistic supremo behind Guerilla Embroidery, sent me this:

Yoink! Photo courtesy of Guerilla Embroidery

A beautiful unique frock, all the way from the land Down Under, hand made by her stitchy genius self! I coveted it the minute she posted it on her flickr stream and I was knocked off my socks when she very generously offered it to me as a bloody wonderful is that!?
Well I'm relieved to say it's even more gorgeous in the flesh/fabric and even better and somewhat incredibly, it if that's not worth celebrating with a Mini Roll which were on offer in the Co'op this week, I dunno what is?!

Now, if you should happen to find yourself in the Australia area Sarah's having her first solo show
'Drawing Threads' - stitched drawings and fabric paintings by Sarah Terry
Orange Regional Gallery, Orange, NSW, Australia
Opening: Friday 13th August 6-6.30pm

The show runs until the 12th September 2010 which is a couple of days after my birthday...hold that thought!

Also in the Mimi news this week..mucho excitingness from yon side of the Pacific as my mate Ad and his wonderous creations are appearing at Art Box International show DOLL which opens Monday 9th Aug and runs til 19th August. So if you are in the region pop along, admire his work, say hello and give him a hug from me...better warn him first though, cos you might get arrested :)

So did you hold that thought?
Now regular readers of my grammatically challenged witterings (and I bless you all for sticking with it!) may be familiar with me n my bezzie and our infrequent trips out, so I just want to give you fair warning now, she is threatening another one!

Me n the sprog (just the one this time, as mummy's little soldier is far too teenaged and rock 'ard to be carted round a zoo by a pair of raddled old strumpets like us) are busy working on a list of excuses, but she's cunningly not letting on when it is...a stealth attack if you will...but I do know it involves Woburn Abbey. On the upside, they are celebrating their 40th birthday this year and so am I (aaaaaaargh) which means I apparently get in for free...result!

So if you're in that vicinity sometime soon and you see a puffy ankled misery guts in a lovely frock getting mauled by a lion that'll be me...come say hello and buy me a birthday ice cream!

Have to say I'm pretty bloody lucky to have such utterly fabulous friends, from the bezzie who goes back with me donkey's years, to the lovely people from all over the world whom I've met via this internet mularkey, you lot reading this for a start! So to chums; stitchy one's, internetty one's and bezzies who will not leave me to fester in my borderline agrophobic comfort zone, a stitchy Cockney Sparrow homage to you all!

Allo my old china!   China plate = Mate

Cockney Sparrow No.1
Acrylics and hand embroidery

Cockney Sparrow No.2
Acrylics and hand embroidery

Cockney Sparrow No.3
Acrylics, hand embroidery and glitteryness!

Cockney Sparrow No.4
Acrylics, hand embroidery and sequins!

Cockney Sparrow No.5
Acrylics, hand embroidery, sequins and beads!

Cockney Sparrow No.6
Acrylics and hand embroidery

This new flock of Cockney Sparra's are now available for your purchasing pleasure at another one of my mate's gaffs, the magnificent emporium for all things stitchy, Miso Funky, where you will not only find stuff stuffed by me but cross stitch samplers (as seen on TV!) and some rather spiffing kits from the likes of Sublime Stitching...

Flock O' Cockneys!
Stuffed and ready for your suspending pleasure

So if you've got 5 mins, pop along, splash some cash and then go give y' mate a Mimi hug! x:)

Now can't sit around here all day bloggerin' about with you lot, there's a 36 pack of Mini Rolls in the joint and they're not going to eat themselves y' know?!

Coming up in the next  thrilling edition: possible safari park action and the MOTHER OF ALL BUDGIES!!
Stay tuned and ta ta for now!
Thanks for droppin' by

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Scout...Dib! Dib! Dib!....

Not that be honest I was a bit too rough for the Brownies/Girl Guides round our way, whilst they were knocking up bivouacks and whittling splints in the town hall (as was my understanding of what went on) me and the bezzie were trying to work out the best way of procurring the parents stash of Malibu, mixers and Quality Street out of the "Christmas cupboard" in the living room

Fortunately the "Christmas cupboard" also housed other delights such as the collection of casettes for taping the charts off the radio of a Sunday eve, a tin of "useful bits" like burnt out flash cubes and the family board games.

So we developed a cunning strategy whereby she would distract the folks, (which was quite easy as my kitty at the time-Pepsi-had anger management issues and would pretty much launch herself at anyone who entered her field of vision) and I would casually announce we were just coming down to get the Scrabble.

Then whilst the bezzie was being mauled on the corner unit, I would be squirreling bottles of whatever weirdness the folks were trying out that year (anyone for Bezique?!) and whatever else I could get up my batwings

Once she'd got her hand out of the kitty's mouth we shot off upstairs...the perfect crime...least we thought it was til many moons later the folks pointed out the clinking noise coming from my jumper combined with Frankie Goes to Hollywood and hysterical giggling blaring down the stairs half hour later pretty much gave the game away...bugger...rumbled!

Suffice to say were weren't really Guide material...still arent for that matter! x;0)

Anyway..where was I? (See the perils of Christmas cupboard excess finally catching up with me) oh yes, Scout!

Remember this piece I did for Judith and her crew, a pawtrait (titter) of their rescue kitty River.

Well, big sigh of relief to know that he landed safe and sound in Texas; fortunately Judith wasnt put off by working with me and commissioned another picture, this time for her sister Deidra!
So introducing Deidra's precious pooch Scout currently winging her way to the US of A

Hot pre-stitchy action!  See Scout all watercoloury in shades of browns, blues and purples with her pretty freckles and floaty soft ears!

I had the brief of: sweetpeas, Scout's favorite butterfly, a much loved scarf in shades of lilac, blue and brown and Deidra made up this little song she sang Scout from the moment she got her, basically "darling girl, darling girl, darling girl . . . "

Here she is again with my stitchy interpretation

Scout is nestled amongst a stitchy shrubbery of leaves in a variety of cottons and silks in shades of green and blues with flashes of silky shiney yellows, golds and browns. I hand stitched sweet pea blooms in soft lilacs, pale baby blue and pinks echoing the scarf colours

Her wee butterfly friend is hand stitched in black thread with glittery metallic blue and has flittered past Scout leaving a trail of glittery gold and Darling Girl tune behind her

I'm currently in my usual state of postal stressing but hopefully Scout will be touching down Stateside soon.. So once again a big THANK YOU to Judith (and Deidra!) for trusting me with their precious furry family members!

Once again I cannot tell you how much I love doing this sort of work...just gimme a picture and few guidelines and I'll give you a unique portriat of your loved one. On the other hand give me a bottle of Tia Maria and a copy of Welcome to the Pleasuredome and I'll give a you bad rendition of The Power of Love!

On that out of tune note I bid you adieu...but stay tuned for some hot Miso Funky action!
Mimi say RELAX....and pass the Quality Street

Ta ta for now my bloggy chums
Thanks for droppin' by!