Thursday, 21 January 2010

HensTeeth Big Jesse... offence! x;0)

So how are we all then; hope your New Year is panning out well so far?
I personally, can't stick Jan & Feb, not good months for me at all, just make me feel all grey and dank and I just slug about in a self pity, arm flaily, huffy, whiny strop.

Times like this I wish I could be more like the kitties are at the moment: sleep for 22 and half hours, wake, stuff face, wash bum and then belt a pingpong ball around the bedroom at 3 o'clock in the morning...I might try it the weekend

Anyroad, there I was, being a miserable arm swinging cowbag, when the call went up for budgie picture STAT!
It was just the kick up the wotsits I needed...I mean whose gunna turn down the opportunity of a trade with the stitchy LEGEND that is Viv from HensTeeth?!

I've been Viv bothering since her blog began so I had a headstart on the stalking and apart from a budgie, she gave me a free reign to do my stitchy thang produce something for one of Viv's pressure there then!?
(He has since arrived at Casa Viv and she has assured me it's all good baby...phew!)

Introducing Big Jesse!

See Mr Jesse all sploshy in bright turquoisey greens and zingtastic contrasting oranges

Poking out from behind, trying to get in on the action, a wee Pinocchio presenting a big old pair of smiley noshers

Inspired by our mutual love of (very much missed!) Fast Show, a Jesse Diet:
This week I av mostly bin eatin' Millet!

And finally some wee hens clucking about in amongst the stitchy beady shrubbery

And just look at the bundle of love (literally!) I received...



Oh yes! It nearly came to fisty cuffs with the muv-in-law again; honestly, one whiff of a Liberty print and she's declaring DIBS...well step away from the goodies grandma...they're ALL MINE!
Just feast your eyes on all the wee details!

..I've always loved Viv's work (see more at her shop) but it's not until you see it in the flesh you really appreciate the exquisite workwomanship!
Viv has personalised the case too...

...but of course it's far to precious to store my manky, bent old needles in so I shall be using it to house all my wee precious knick knacks
And wearing my brooch with pride :)

So to Viv, an ENORMOUS thank you not only for all my gorgeous goodies but also for the inspiration, dragging me out of the doldrums and brightening up my world!

Also in line for 'normous thank you is my mate Kirsty over at the gorgeous meplusmolly for my very own jingly Santa...which I cunningly forgot to photograph...hangs head in shame..but he is tucked away with all my other precious bits on my tree of many colours ready for many more Christmas's to come!
(YOINK! Photo blatantly half-inched from Kirsty xx)

With re-newed vigour, this week I will mostly be stuffing sparrows (not literally...they're in decline and quite fiddly too), working on some ideas and fretting over the 60th Birthday portrait commission that I keep putting off

(I've even got the excercise bike out of it's box...haven't used it yet mind, but don't want to over do it you, where's that pingpong ball??)

Thanks for droppin' by!

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Itty bitty, pretty boy, coat of many colours kitty, Christmas commissions...

...or Max n Todd for short

Happy New year to you all folks!

Oh I had such plans: a mass of site updates, blog visits, a session with the sewing machine and a different pudding every day, unfortunately the Flu Fairy had other ideas, so instead of festive hints of cranberry and cinammon, choruses of Auld Lang Syne and rivers of cream n custard surging through the joint there's a distinct whiff of Olbas, Lemsip, tcp and plenty of self pity groaning...grrr

So I hope y'all had a wonderous Christmas? Ours was...challenging

Apart from the muv-in-law the first to go down with the hideous disease leaving me to cook for 10 as opposed to the 2 I had planned, her dishwasher flooding the kitchen closely followed by the cooker packing up and a frantic call to the electrician bruv-in-law to come and save Christmas NOW or I will be forced to come round there and vigorously re-position his Christmas tree, it all went fairly well really...

Anyroad, s'nuff o my whinging!

Well turns out I made 2 people teary this Christmas (and it was nowt to do with me gravy) and had my pieces admired by Graham Norton over lunch in the Aardvark Tearoom...matron!

First up Max's "mum"
This was a secret squirrel commission for Christmas and a bit of a challenge as I had no photostream or blog to filch ideas from...I know!

Armed with a couple of photographs and the guidelines of: "loves anything catty" and Coat of Many Colours, I was left to my own devices...woohoo!
So I present (literally) Mr. Max

Thought you might like to see a bit of w-i-p action
Meet Mr.Max all watercoloury in shades of soft lilacs, blues and deep blue/greys

And again with a swift bit of tightening up on the painting (the misery of working from flash photography!) and some hardcore stitchery action

Peek a boo!

Stalking amongst the stitchy leafy undergrowth, he's left a trail of pokey paw prints all over the joint...tsk!

I happen to know Max has the song Coat of Many Colours sung to him when he's brushed (aww!) so I included the lines:
Oh yes we love your coat of many colours!
It is grey & white & purple & blue etc...

With each colour stitched in corresponding coloured threads
Last but not least, a wee Hello Kitty declaring her Max love with all her heart!

Secondly, the wonderous Kate...actress, comediene and one of life's lovely people. A bit of sneaky skullduggery between myself and the fabulous GiddyGirlie and I was off photostream stalking. Kate is a fellow budgie botherer so I painted a portrait of her beloved and very dearly missed Todd

I've blatantly stolen her photo too cos I love the tree..

So that was the final piece for 2009! A big thank you to everyone who trusted me enough to let me loose with their loved ones...always a worry, but does the old ticker good to know I'm spreading a bit of (Mimi) Love out there x:)

Work is about to start on a portrait for a 60th Birthday present, so no pressure there then and I'm planning on stuffing all sorts of new things for 2010 providing the Flu Fairy backs right off now!

Big MimiLoves to you all for 2010!
Thanks for droppin' by...ATISHOOO!!!!!