Sunday, 21 February 2010

Dear Henry Dear Henry

So just when I thought it was safe to come out from under the duvet...more snow!?!?!
Enough already!

You may have gleaned from my last post that me n winter just don't mix...granted, you're entering into a whole new season of hot puddings: crumbles n custard, syruppy sponges, I'll give you that, but thumping great lump of snow down the back of the neck as I'm getting out of the motor...NO...suffice it to say the neighbour nearly had heart failure at the ensuing outburst (for which I apologise) :)

I can't moan too much though cos this latest piece is currently winging it's way to Alaska and the lovely lady who commissioned me informs me they had a foot of snow in under a week, which made our 3inches look pretty pathetic...still didn't need down the back of me Gregory though!

So, before we get to the pix, a quick history: this piece is for the lovely Elise, the lampworking artist behind Koicreek Beads...check out her Alaskan inspired pieces and tell me the polar bears and seals don't make you swoon!

(Photo courtesy of Koicreek Beads)
and they're avaible for sale at her Etsy store too!

Myself and Mr.Mimi had a go at lampworking many moons ago, spent a small fortune on glass,mandrels,melty gubbins etc and set off our exciting new venture.

Approx 2 hours later we had achieved an allergic reaction involving breathing difficulties and a red rash all over his face, a pile of snot green glass blobs stuck on the rods and nearly burnt the shed down. It wasn't the new cottage industry I was hoping for. The gear is still in the loft. We never spoke of it again.

Anyway what I'm grasping to get at is...I am in complete AWE of Elise's skills!
Not only is she a glassy artistic genius but a lovely person too and I was really touched that she trusted me with a portrait of her precious wee kitty Henry who had passed away very recently after 16 happy years.

So before I get all emotional again...(there were many tears from both of us during this!)..let's get to the pix eh?

Introducing dear sweet Henry, a very handsome chap indeed

Watercolouryness in shades of bluey greys, lilcas and cobalts

And here he is again surrounded by the stitchery

Elise gave me a free hand with the embroidery just requesting a simple theme featuring flowers and leaves and so forth

The embroidery ranges from soft shimmery greens with hints of lilac and gold; Henry is cradled by a curve of shimmery silver with grasses and leaves ranging from warm sunny oranges and deep red and pinks.

To contrast, a little bunch of Forget-Me-Knots in various blue and turquoise tones (I did a bit of snooping and found they were Alaska's national flower) and I felt were quite fitting

Henry portrait is currently winging it's way to the wilds of Alaska and I'm back under the covers til Spring...but if you want summin painting & stitching I will drag myself out from under them for you... if you're looking for stunning handmade beads...give Elise a nudge...if you're looking for snot green blobs on rods, I'm y woman... x;)

And talking of Alan:

The latest addition to the MimiLove home for waif n strays! Found stumbling around in broad daylight starving hungry, in neighbours garden. He shovelled his way thru a can of kitty dins on his first day but was so cream crackered he kept falling asleep in it. He snores, he makes a soft almost purring sound when content and sleeps with all his legs sticking out! Adorable aint the word!

And here finally, is the 60th birthday portrait I finally got on with.

It hasn't been presented as yet, so if you're reading this and recognise the chap and have a 60th birthday imminent...could you act surprised when you open it please?!

This week I will be painting gnomes and Sting...altho not in the same picture...

Fab week to you all
Thanks for droppin' by!