Sunday, 18 April 2010

Never Mind the Pollocks

Ah, Gawd bless yer Mr.McClaren...

Well I hope you are all fine and dandy on this most sunniest of Sunday's?  I have been away from the bloggy bits for a wee while catching up on stitching, some boring stuff and also writhing around feeling sorry for myself with an iffy back and arthritikky wrist...but don't you worry about me I'm fine...altho if you're wondering where the whiff of linament is coming from... you know when summin' fantasticly amazing happens; that moment when you just think..."YES! That's why I'm on this planet", like say, trifle?

Few years ago my bezzie mate rocked up on the doorstep, prized my fingers off the door frame and bundled me in the motor, kidnap stylee, for a half term day trip to Farnham Bird World.
My protests that they just stick chickens in hats and call 'em exotic were futile and I could tell by her death stare and the fact the child locks were on there was no escape

Despite my initial suspicions, third degree burns from a cup of the worlds hottest tea and a distressing incident in the gift shop when some 3yr old kid attached itself to my handbag and wouldn't let go (it was red with a monkey handbag...not the kid) we had a fun day and once we'd exhausted the feathery flappy things we popped over yon side of the car park to the Underwater World to see the fishy finny things
(Now as far as I know Farnham's not technically known for it's tropical sealife, what with it being in deepest landlocked Surrey n all, but a mate of mine did have a seafood medley off the Spud U Like once, so I could of course be wrong)

Anyway what with the sprogs being somewhat vertically lacking in the inches department at the time and a lot of the tanks being relatively high up, I designated myself ofFISHal tour guide and off we trotted:
"Woss that one fake aunty Kaz?"
"Woss that one fake aunty Kaz?"
"Bigger fish" (you can see I'm a bit of an expert in my field)
"Woss that one fake aunty Kaz"

...and this was it...the moment...

In my best and most loudest Dean Martin impression...


A withering look from my bezzie, 2 blank stares off the kiddywinks and they all buggered off back to the gift shop...I would have stayed and savoured it all a bit longer but in the distance I could hear the cry of a snotty 3yr old..."MUNNNKKKKEEYYY BAAAAGGGG!" so made a run for the car instead
Suffice to say there has been a distinct lack of day trips since, but it was a moment I still savour and cherish to this very day... like trifle

Anyway...tenuous, but true story/fishy link's the latest heading for an Etsy shop near you:
See Mr. Octopus just flopping about squiggly and leggy in his watercolouryness!

Hope he doesn't do himself a mischief on them there spikey urchins or pokey golden starfish!

There's a couple of wee shrimps bobbing about in amongst the shoals of hand stitchy fish in golds, oranges, reds and pinks!

A big old fish (it's the scientific name alright?!) in shades of shimmery blues and turquoise is having a swim amongst the seaweed
And cue Dean Martin....
When the moon hits your eye
Like a big pizza pie
That's a MORAY!

But hold on...who's that in the corner? Hang on to your bikini's girls!

It's only the Creature from the Black Lagoon..tsk... there you are minding your own business having a bit of a splash about, next thing you know you're being carted off by some bloody great lizard to his underwater lair...honestly it gives me the right 'ump!

So there you have it, it's got fish, it's got octopus, it's got Dean Martin...huzzah!

Few exciting bits jiggling in the background at mo, first off Hypochondriac Cockney Sparra is now living with the rather splendid street artist extraordinaire McClevey Art and he is making me my very own this space!

I've also heard from my Idiom homeboys and the collaboration piece is on the way...mucho excitements!

And hot Alan action:
He's still with us but not for much longer as we're preparing him for his release.  Mr. Mimi has built him a rather spiffing he is trying it for size...he seems to like it!

Have to say we are going to miss him terribly, but a hedgehog's gotta do what a hedgehog's gotta do, so tune in next time and help us say TA TA! ...(sniff!)

Right....did someone say trifle??
Ta ta for now you gorgeous bunch
Thanks for droppin' by!