Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Scout...Dib! Dib! Dib!....

Not that be honest I was a bit too rough for the Brownies/Girl Guides round our way, whilst they were knocking up bivouacks and whittling splints in the town hall (as was my understanding of what went on) me and the bezzie were trying to work out the best way of procurring the parents stash of Malibu, mixers and Quality Street out of the "Christmas cupboard" in the living room

Fortunately the "Christmas cupboard" also housed other delights such as the collection of casettes for taping the charts off the radio of a Sunday eve, a tin of "useful bits" like burnt out flash cubes and the family board games.

So we developed a cunning strategy whereby she would distract the folks, (which was quite easy as my kitty at the time-Pepsi-had anger management issues and would pretty much launch herself at anyone who entered her field of vision) and I would casually announce we were just coming down to get the Scrabble.

Then whilst the bezzie was being mauled on the corner unit, I would be squirreling bottles of whatever weirdness the folks were trying out that year (anyone for Bezique?!) and whatever else I could get up my batwings

Once she'd got her hand out of the kitty's mouth we shot off upstairs...the perfect crime...least we thought it was til many moons later the folks pointed out the clinking noise coming from my jumper combined with Frankie Goes to Hollywood and hysterical giggling blaring down the stairs half hour later pretty much gave the game away...bugger...rumbled!

Suffice to say were weren't really Guide material...still arent for that matter! x;0)

Anyway..where was I? (See the perils of Christmas cupboard excess finally catching up with me) oh yes, Scout!

Remember this piece I did for Judith and her crew, a pawtrait (titter) of their rescue kitty River.

Well, big sigh of relief to know that he landed safe and sound in Texas; fortunately Judith wasnt put off by working with me and commissioned another picture, this time for her sister Deidra!
So introducing Deidra's precious pooch Scout currently winging her way to the US of A

Hot pre-stitchy action!  See Scout all watercoloury in shades of browns, blues and purples with her pretty freckles and floaty soft ears!

I had the brief of: sweetpeas, Scout's favorite butterfly, a much loved scarf in shades of lilac, blue and brown and Deidra made up this little song she sang Scout from the moment she got her, basically "darling girl, darling girl, darling girl . . . "

Here she is again with my stitchy interpretation

Scout is nestled amongst a stitchy shrubbery of leaves in a variety of cottons and silks in shades of green and blues with flashes of silky shiney yellows, golds and browns. I hand stitched sweet pea blooms in soft lilacs, pale baby blue and pinks echoing the scarf colours

Her wee butterfly friend is hand stitched in black thread with glittery metallic blue and has flittered past Scout leaving a trail of glittery gold and Darling Girl tune behind her

I'm currently in my usual state of postal stressing but hopefully Scout will be touching down Stateside soon.. So once again a big THANK YOU to Judith (and Deidra!) for trusting me with their precious furry family members!

Once again I cannot tell you how much I love doing this sort of work...just gimme a picture and few guidelines and I'll give you a unique portriat of your loved one. On the other hand give me a bottle of Tia Maria and a copy of Welcome to the Pleasuredome and I'll give a you bad rendition of The Power of Love!

On that out of tune note I bid you adieu...but stay tuned for some hot Miso Funky action!
Mimi say RELAX....and pass the Quality Street

Ta ta for now my bloggy chums
Thanks for droppin' by!

Sunday, 11 July 2010

OOO's a pretty boy then?!

PHWOAR!! Wot a scorcher!!

OOOO I could do with a day by the seaside beside the sea, altho it's just not the same as when I were knee high to a bucket n spade

We didn't really do holidays, just day trips to seaside. My bezzie would bomb round the day before and stay the night so we could fully hype ourselves up for it! Next morning the folks would snatch us both out of bed and sling us in the back of the motor....all this generally happened at 4 in the morning as me Dad liked to get a head start on the it wasn't so much a day trip more a kidnapping really...ah many a bleary eyed happy memory watching the sun rise over Littlehampton!

Unfortunately Dad suffered from a form of narcolepsy...he could fall asleep mid way through eating, standing up, pretty much anywhere anytime couple that with the crack of sparrows start and the fact he'd have been up all night before charting every conceivable B-road between us and the South coast, it made for an interesting journey.

So as well as the metric ton of boiled sweets, egg sandwiches and gallon of orange squash Mum had knocked up, (which me and bez had usually shovelled down just outside of Guildford, approx 9 miles from home) we also had to take a jar of smelling salts, a wet flannel and a pin...when we saw the tell tale drifting into the oncoming traffic signs, mum whipped out the salts and me n my bezzie slapped him with wet flannels and poked him with pins til we were back on vaguely the right side of the road....ah many happy memory of narrowly avoiding head on's no real wonder I'm like I am! :0)

So n stuff!

Remember this I did for them

And then they did this for me

Then we got chatting and they sent me this

Well look what I gone n dun to it! x;0)

It's all getting a bit Alfred Hitchcock

Yes, if in doubt cover it with budgies! I have to say that despite the nerves about having the responsibility of someone else creation to play with, I had a blast doing this and there's even talk of another in the pipeline, providing the chaps survived Glastonbury!

The budgies are painted in acrylics and then festooned with a garland of hand stitched flowers in various silks and cottons; tiddly stitches and then big demented ones also chucked on some glass beads, sequin flowers and glittery paint!

It measures an impressive 50cm x 50cm;  features hand cut stencils, acrylic and spray paint, hand embroidery and budgies and all this could be yours just drop the boys a line here:  for details

I am also relieved to report the chaps aren't suing me for knackering their picture...phew!....and it can be viewed in all it's glory at a rather swanky London restaurant no less: metroclapham

Also excited to report that my canvas from Mclevey has arrived!

I can't express how much I love Adam's work and I'm thrilled to the gills to own a piece of my very own!

If your not aware of Adam's work I urge you to check it out forthwith as it's really rather magnificent
Just look at the packaging he sent it in!

Now last but not least I really have been a very naughty girl/old bag and I do hope all the lovely people I'm about to mention will forgive my frankly tardy behaviour in not thanking them sooner for taking the time to contact me and include some of my work in their treasuries, so to:
A GREAT BIG (if a bit late!) MIMI LOVE THANK YOU!! 

Coming up in next month's (yes, I know I'm sorry but it's Summer and there's a whole world of chilled pudding's and ice creams to get through before the crumble season kicks off!) a spanking new Flock of Cockney Sparrows and this wee girly...

...waiting patiently for the embroidery to begin!

Now did someone say egg sandwiches....oooo niffy...pass the smelling salts!
Ta ta for now folks and thanks for droppin' by!