Sunday, 14 November 2010



On the first day of Christmas, MimiLove gave to me... a Sparra wot talks Cockneeeey!!

On the second day of Christmas, MimiLove gave to me... a book by Mrs. Ray...first name Aimeeeee!

Howdy doo folks...well s'not quite Christmas but I am having a giveaway..huzzah!

My mate, the frankly fabulous Aimee Ray Queen of the Stitchy Universe and the folks at Lark Publishing have not only mentioned me in, but have also sent me, a copy of Aimee's new book: Doodle Stitching the Motif Collection, to giveaway to one of you lot...ooooo you lucky Bloggers!

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I do owe Aimee a massive debt of gratitude as she was one of the folks who inspired me to take up stitching in the first place. If you haven't ventured into the stitching world yet but always fancied a go then I really can't recommend her first book Doodle Stitching enough. It was the catalyst to all the stuff you've seen me knock up on you've got Aimee to partly blame! x;0)

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But it's well written with brilliantly clear illustrations and instructions on a variety of stitches and some really lovely, simple to follow projects to make too. The latest book is a follow up to the first with some gorgeous motifs and again some really lovely and useful projects from homewares to clothing and jewellery and even includes a cd with the motifs on for you to copy and adapt

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Perfect for all levels of skill and the projects would make rather spiffing handmade gifts for the impending festivities, thereby giving you a warm fluffy feeling inside knowing you've given truly unique personal gifties, when everyone else is copping a box of Harpic scented bath "cubes"....thanks for those last year by the know who you are! ;D

So to go with the book I'm bunging in a dollop of MimiLove in the form of this fella...

Acrylics, hand embroidery and chock full of stuffin' for your squidging pleasure!

Mr.Cockney Sparrow looking a wee bit peeved
Cockney lesson no 5 now repeat after me...
"Strike a light!
I'm bleedin' cream crackered!
Make us a cup o Rosie Lee, I'm spitting feathers 'ere luv!"

To translate:
"Goodness me I'm tired. Would you mind awfully making me a cup of tea, as I'm really rather parched"
Cream crackered = knackered = tired
Rosie Lee = tea

Surrounded by feathers and a birds and glittery goodness and comes with a spotty red ribbon for suspending off a tree or knob of your choice...snigger...

To get your mitts on our stitchy/booky bits just leave me a rhyming slang if you like (not necessary but will keep me amused!)

Comments close on the 28th November 2010 so approx 2 weeks Mimi-Time and I will bung all your names into a bag and make someone else pick one out so I don't feel guilty about anyone missing can blame them then.

Winner will be announced on 5th December and I will post as soon as I have your details. I will post internationally too cos I'm lovely like that x;0)

Righto I've got stitching, naps and all manner of cup cakes to fit in today so I'm off for now, but stay tuned folks cos in addtion to announcing the giveaway winner and hot mincepie action, I'll have shed loads to fill you in on when you come back including Christmas commission heading off to Alaska again...bbbrrrrrrrrr!

So a big thank you to Aimee and Lark Publisher's for giving me the chance to have this giveaway and again thank you to all my lovely chums for droppin' by! x;0)