Sunday, 5 December 2010

Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner!

Hello to everyone and may I say you are all looking particularly magnificent that a new hair do? Well it's knocked years off you and you look bloody gorgeous!

BBBRRRR!!!!!! By 'eck Our Vera it's a bit brass monkeys round here these parts at the moment, snow n everything, but I've whipped off the bobble hat for a few mins and shoved everyone's names in it, dragged Mr. Mimi out of his shed to pick a name...and the winner of the Great Aimee Ray/MimiLove Giveaway Bonanza is...(drrrrrrum rollll....ddrrrrrrr)



I shall be annoying you for posty details forthwith and hoping that despite the feeble 2cm of snow that has caused postage mayhem, ground the UK to a halt and sent the household kitties belting round the garden at 90mph, you will be celebrating Christmas this year with a book n a Cockney Sparra ...well it makes a change from turkey eh?

Right the rest of you, now no buggering off in a flouncey sulk just yet cos I've still got gubbins to show you, so grab yourself a cup of Rosie and an early mince or an ecclefechan pie and meet Buddy

Now I do love a Boston Terrier so when the lovely Terri dropped me a line to commission a portrait of her mum's dog for the Christmas I was fair tickled pink! Cop a visual and tell me he doesnt just make you giggle with glee!

Terri gave me a few idea's of her mum's favourite things including dogwood blossoms and red cardinal birdies, so Buddy, surrounded by a shimmery silver arc, pops up behind a lovely lush lawn of stitchy grasses with glittery glass beads in greens and blues

A bower of dogwood blossoms in stitchy, springtime shades of baby pinks, creamy, pearly oyster and snowy white and keeping him company wee red and black cardinals singing Buddy and his "mum" a song of love!

Chock full of leafery and all sortsof stitchy undergrowth and currently winging it's way to the snowy side of the States Alaska that's some hardcore snow!

If you're looking for a custom pet portrait or you are stuck for prezzy ideas and looking for summin a bit unique head on over to the shop cos nowt says Happy Christmas better than stuffed budgie...MimiLove...the gift that keeps on giving ;0)

So, a humongous thank you again to Aimee Ray and Lark Publishers for the opportunity and to all of you for taking the time to leave such lovely comments (and in some cases hysterical.... you are all completely insane!) and to those who weren't picked I'm sending big virtual Mimi Love and Hugs: Touch your screens now. Feel the warmth? That's MimiLove that is! x;)

Stay tuned folks coming up in 2011 new collab action from me and the Idiom boys, an Aimee Ray portrait, some possible magazine action and another giveaway!

Now did someone say ecclefecken tart? Well there's no need for that! x;D
Big loves my homies, thanks for droppin' by n if I don't see you before and in the immortal words of Slade A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAAAAAAAARGHHHS to y'all!!