Sunday, 20 March 2011


Well hello my bloggy chums I hope you are all feeling as magnficent as you are looking today? Have you been working out? Well you've done summin', cos you look you gorgeous! :)

Well I'm pleased to report there's a definate whiff of spring in the air round these parts at last, the garden is poking up all sorts of interesting things that I don't remember putting in, the blackbirds are in fine voice and the kitties are shoving all manner of things through the catflap!

And talking o shoving things through *catflaps, I shall now announce the winner of the Mother of All Budgies giveaway...DRUM RRRRROLL.....


Huzzarghhhh and congratulations!

...*altho I'm sure posty will deliver to your door :)

Commiserations to y'all who took the time to visit and put up with the drivveling here, as much as I enjoy holding a giveaway I do end up feeling immensely guilty for everyone who doesnt get picked so I am sending out some good MimiLovin' to everyone through the screen to you right now!

Now no sulking cos I've still got stuff to show you, so before you go and throw darts at my picture here's a wee fluffy bunny to soften your heart! :)

Meet Bobbins, fluffy bunny chum to the divine Shannon, groovy chick and stitching Queen behind divine pop art portraits including amongst others, Salvador Dali who I also happen to be the proud owner of!

(YOINK! Photo courtesy of SKG)

I had a few guidelines of Shannon's Mr.B's favourite things, (including Tonka toys!) and I was pretty much left to my own devices, huzzah, which is my cue for a good old rifle through photostreams and blogs for inspirational bits and pieces!

So here's an inquisitive Bobbins hopping up to say Hello to you all! The blue lily and red poinsetta are based on Shannon's tattoo's which celebrate her children's (Max and Molly) birthday's

The words spiralling around are from Max:
"Bobbins is a bunnnneeeeee!"
And in the corner one of Bobbins and Max's favourite toys, a big yellow Tonka truck!

Once again, if you would like to commission a piece of your own, I do keep these things just the right side of stalking, so fear not, you wont find your ATM number and medical records festooned with beads and Engelbert Humperdinck lyircs....that's not to say I wouldn't do that if you asked me too...just drop me a line or head on over to the MimiLove Etsy Emporium

So coming up in next months thrilling edition: work begins on the Idiom/MimiLove/Royal Wedding collaboration mash up, a wee sleepy Bull Dog heading for USA a tiddly kitty painting heading for a lady round the corner!

I'm also taking part in Wayne Wolfson's" Tonk Tonk Toccato's World Tour" he is helping me with my threads...if you are a fellow stitcher, like your threads organized and are of a vaguely nervous dispostion, look away NOW! :)

I'm hoping Tonk-Tonk will set to work sorting while I nap, so pass me eyemask and I will see y'all next month!

Big loves to you all my homies and thank you for droppin' by!

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Mother of All Budgies GIVEAWAY!

Well hello my bloggy chums and how are we all? Ticketyboo and hunkydory in equal measure I hope and may I say you are looking particularly splendiferous!

Right I'm straight in with the giveaway today!
A while back I started a project involving budgies and cushion covers...(the mind boggles dunnit?!)...and came up with this fella

He's hand painted and surrounded by a machine stitched "cage" and swathe of flowers, hand stitched in pinks, reds and oranges with sequin flowers and glass beads and metallic glitter paint extra for bling power and even has a jingly bell to keep him amused

He's hanging with his hand stitched homies and their cages and could be adorning your sofa in 2 weeks time!

To be in with a chance of winning just leave a comment below on what your favourite item in my Etsy shop is.
I'll give extra entries - one each for:
Following my blog
Following me on Facebook
Blogging/tweeting/generally bigging up about this giveaway! :)

Comments close on the 19th March 2011 so approx 2 weeks Mimi-Time and so I don't get any moaning for interupting Mr.Mimi's nap time, I will choose the winner via

Winner will be announced on 20th March 2011 and I will post as soon as I have your details. I will post internationally too cos I'm lovely like that x;0)

Stay tuned for my next bloggy installment where I will announce the Mother of All Budgies winner, you will also see my latest pet portrait in the shape of wee Bobbins the bunny, seen here pre-embroidery...

...and some hot Royal Wedding collaboration action between myself and the chaps from Idiom..altho I'm stitching on paper for the first time and am terrified of ruining there magnificent work, so I could well be hiding instead!
Bless yer 'eart's for dropping by and don't forget I'm on my Facebuck thing...s'bit like Facebook but for chickens...come n say "Hello!" or "BUCKARK!"

Big loves to you all my homies!