Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Eggs is eggs!

Hello my bloggy chums, I hope you are all spiffing and had a lovely Easter?

Things were a bit lively at MimiLove Towers this year with a visit from the rellies which meant the mother-in-law buying a half hundred weight of quiche, a frantic de-cobwebbing of the "best room" and polishing the guinea pig in readiness for the Big Easter Egg hunt (laid on for the various grandchildren, her's not mine....how rude!)

Altho that nearly came to blows when I found them all and had them in my basket before they arrived...she made me put them back which I have to say I thought throughly unsporting; you can't just go around making up stupid rules about them being "meant for the kids" willy nilly...I found them fair n square...*sulk*

Now if you've been wondering where the trumpet blowing and excited giggling has been coming from, it's nowt to do with the upcoming Royal Wedding; it nary seems like yesterday since Charles and Diana got hitched that I was prancing around my bedroom in my bridesmaid's dress with one of mum's best net curtains on my head in celebration...see Miss Middleton, should've come to me for dress tips!

So, no, the giggling and trumpet blowing is me!

As some of my Facebook followers will know, I've copped a two page spread in a magazine...and not Goat Keeper Weekly as certain family members sporting a newly bruised shin suggested...but the fabulous Cross Stitcher!

The interview actually took place a few months ago, with the wonderful and very patient Judy Darley. She put up with my inane wittering, terrible grammar and appalling inappropriately sized photography and I expect by now is lying down in a darkened room recovering from her ordeal!

So a big MimiLove thank you to Judy and the team for all their efforts and making me sound like I know what I'm doing! Issue no 239...pages 24 and 25...out now...if you're interested ;0)

I've also had the honour of "meeting" the lovely Avril Halliday, embroiderer extraordinaire and President of the Northern Ireland Embroider's Guild no less! I'm hoping to see some of Avril's joyous work in the flesh one day as she creates beautiful mixed media pieces featuring all sorts of wonderousness including embroidery, handmade silk paper, silk and velvet fabrics, flowers and seedheads...mmm!

Yoink! Photos courtesy of Avril Halliday

You can see more of Avril's work here: http://www.stitchamaze.com/gallery-guest/avrilhalliday.aspx

So, this week I will mostly be painting guinea pigs (not literally, far too squeaky) and finally starting work on the latest Royal Wedding themed collaboration piece between me and the Idiom homeboys
(Pre-painty stitchyness shot)

Coming up in the next thrilling edition:

To celebrate her birthday the fabulous Carina is holding a series of giveaways featuring pieces fellow stitchers and this wee fella courtesy of moi!

Some hot Grrl & Dog commission action and if you want sneaky preview or just can't bear the thought of me chuntering on about it next time, hop on over to Denise's blog! :)
(Hot pre-stitchy Baxter action)

And an Aundrey Hepburn commission without embroidery...argh! :)
Right I'm off to pat down grandma and search the best room...they can't have found all of them surely??

Big loves and thanks for droppin' by!

Sunday, 3 April 2011

No sleep 'til Brooklyn!

Ah dear old Beastie Boys...I'll be honest the hippin' n a-hoppin' didn't do much for me at the time.

In all fairness the Chertsey Crew did our best with the break dancing etc down at Sainsbury's supermarket carpark. It wasnt very good; lot of floundering around on back with legs in the air and a series of farting/raspberry noises that passed for "human beatbox"

Couple that with the dodgy nylon trackies, a lump of my mum's old kitchen lino, (you could always spot us, we were the ones with the 3rd degree friction burns) and the trolley boy ploughing thru with 15 foot train of trolleys every ten minutes, it just wasn't really the same as the 'hood off the telly and I'm afraid I lost heart (and dignity) fairly swiftly

Listening back with rose tinted earphones though, I have to say I've had a sudden urge to perm my hair, slip into something leg warmerish and gouge out the badge of a passing VW...you'll be relieved to know I resisted and did this instead though!

Meet Brooklyn...

...a very sleepy bulldog and my latest commission winging and snoring his way to the US of A

The lady in question liked my Star Gazey Bedlington terrier and requested the same embroidery and theme but with her relative's dog as the star (see what I did there?!) instead
See the sleepy wee chap as he snoozes amongst the hand stitched stars all glittery golden in the watercolor night sky

Twinkle, twinkle little stars (and biggun's too) in a variety of metallic threads, including the one that makes my teeth feel weird when I'm stitching with it...oh how I suffer for my art! ;0)

Hand stitched lyrics curve around in a sleepy spiral:
Stars shining bright above you
Night breezes seem to whisper I LOVE YOU
Birds singing in the sycamore tree
Dream a little DREAM OF ME!

Awww, snoozy old Brooklyn dreaming of bones and kitties...and with a swift and tenuous link, here's my other latest one!

This is for a sista from the 'hood...(the lady round the corner) a portrait of her new rescue kitty, Emily.

Watercolour and canvas but...wot?... No embroidery?!

I know! To be frank it just feels wrong, but lady in question just wanted a painting so I had to sit on my hands for quite a while til the urge passed!

Also in the Mimi news: Tonk Tonk Toccato is still on tour at Casa MimiLove but lovely as he is, he's no great shakes on the organizationals; failing miserably at sorting out my threads I let him loose on my paints...I think I've had a bad influence on him cos he just lays around all day eating cake and watching re-runs of The Professionals

So there we go then: breakdancing, snoozing bulldogs, bare naked kitties and a lazy robot...now where y' gunna get that level of entertainment today!? :)
Stay tuned folks as there's some more doggy commission action in pipeline (with embroidery this time-phew!), Id-iom action and a few ideas rattling around for my Feeling Stitchy homies

Now pass me my scrunchie I'm off for a spin on the lino...or maybe a nap?
Big Mimi-Loves my home boys n gals n thanks for droppin' by! :)