Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Eating out...

Well hello you gorgeous bunch, may I say you are looking paticularly lovely today!
Now I hope you've all been trying out your new Cockney rhyming slang skills on folks and family members?! :)
Well I think it's time we moved on to a bit more advanced stuff, but don't panic if you've just joined as my Cockney for beginners Sparrows are available at my Ye olde Etsy shoppe here:

Allo my old china!

So as promised/threatened last time, we're moving on to eating out!

Mr. Sparrow sits amongst a big old bunch of hand stitched leafery in pink and browns, turquoise and greens with bright pinks, reds orange and purple.

He seems a bit peckish...(pardon the pun!)

Hand stitched words...repeat after me:

I'm bleedin' Hank Marvin!
I'm goin for a Ruby Murray, then off down the rub-a-dub
for a swift pigs ear!"

"Goodness me I'm hungry!
I'm going for a curry and then a visit to the pub for a beer"

Hank Marvin = Starving
Ruby Murray = Curry
Rub-a-Dub = Pub (public house/bar)
Pig's Ear = Beer

I will provide a translation with the item just in case of confusion! :)

Colourful, fun and food themed; send a surreal message via the language of Cockney Rhyming Slang, a unique gift for the fridge raider in your house perhaps...give the gift of Cockney Sparra this Christmas- nowt says "Luv ya me old trouble n strife/ pot and pan" like a Cockney Sparrow! ;0)

Big MimiLoves to y'all and thanks for droppin' by!

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Mind your language!

Hello my bloggy buddies hope you are all feelin' fine and dandy?! :)

Well the kiddywinks are all back to school/college/uni by now and so inspired by all things learny/teachy I thought I'd offer you all the chance to learn a new language.

Cockney Rhyming Slang to be precise and this will be via the medium of Cockney Sparrow's a bit like Rosetta Stone only much squidgier!

Bow and Arrow = Sparrow
Pronounciation: Bow n Arra

If you are planning a trip to the East End of London or there is a traveller in your family or indeed a complete loon, then these wee fella's would make a perfect gift/ travel guide/phrase book and they're pocket sized too so you can just whip one out at a moments notice and never be stuck for conversation again! :)

So your first lesson for today is your basic greeting:
Allo my old china!
Hello my friend
China plate = Mate.

Now I know some of you may have seen these before but I think we should start at the beginning so everyone is at the same level!

Sparra no.1

Mr. Sparrow sits amongst a big old bunch of hand embroidery in earthy browns, oranges and lilacs and baby blues with silky cerise pink french knots.
Also features glittery coppery bronze paint for added glitz
Hand stitched greeting in bright orange:
"Allo my old china!"
Fronts are all painted and stitched onto unbleached calico. Backing is a heavyweight black and white gingham and is filled with hollowfibre padding. This chap features a brown chiffon and cord loop for your suspending pleasure!

Sparra no:2

 Mr. Sparrow sits amongst a field of stitches in a positive rainbow of colours ranging from soft lilacs and greens to bright zingy oranges and turquoise!
Hand stitched greeting in bright orange:
"Allo my old china!"
This chap comes with a yellow chiffon and cord loop

Sparra no:3

Mr. Sparrow sits amongst a big old bunch of hand stitched leaves in earthy browns, oranges and purples with shiney metallic gold threads.
Also features glittery gold paint, shiney multi golden toned sequin flower and gold glass beads for added bling!
Hand stitched Cockney greeting in bright orange:
"Allo my old china!"
Features warm sunny yellow chiffon and cord loop

Sparra no:4

Mr. Sparrow sits amongst a field of hand stitched undergrowth in a positive rainbow of colours ranging from bright greens and blues to zingy oranges and reds
Hand stitched Cockney greeting in bright orange:
"Allo my old china!"
This fella has a green chiffon and cord loop

These particular little pillows/learning aids are available at my Etsy shop and each Sparrow will be accompanied with a translation card in case of confusion.
For those of you are already familiar with Cockney Rhyming Slang there are other more advanced versions ideal for the more fluent among you :0)

Passport? Check!
Tickets? Check!
Cockney Sparrow? Check!

Stay tuned for your next lesson: Eating Out.
Speaking of which, it's surely time for a cake...
Big MimiLoves to you all and thanks for droppin' by!

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Don't make me angry!

Ey up my bloggy buddies! Cor blimey it's been a yonk and half since I've been at the ole blog it's fair cobwebby!

But I haven't spent all that time shovelling down cake n chocolates...that's not to say there wasn't a certain amount of confectionary action, no I've been up to all sorts including some actual stitching!

So first up, a bit of trumpet blowing I'm afraid, but I was chuffed to bits about this so you'll have to put your fingers in your ears if raging me me me isn't your thing!

Guess who copped an Etsy Front Page?! OH YES! ;0)

Big thank you to DawnandRoss for including one of my Cockney Sparrows in their beautiful treasury :)

A huge sigh of relief now as I FINALLY finished the walloping great Audrey Hepburn painting...phew!

I'll be completely honest with you it was a royal pain in the doobries. I had a false start by getting half through a version of it which was just too hideous for words and brought on a monumental "I can't do it" strop.

However after a Mr.Mimi "give it up you insane old tart!" pep talk and a big deep breath I finally got my wotsits in gear and here she is...unfortunately the photo is diabolical but you get the general jist.

Pink innit?!
It's in a pop art stylee and there's no embroidery either, although as it was over a metre wide it's probably just as well, but the recipients love it, I'm never doing another one like it again and Mr.Mimi is nursing a bruised shin...all good ;0)

And talking of hissy fits...check this wee fella out...GRRR!!

Latest piece heading over to the MimiLove Etsy Emporium
This is not a happy chappy, I don't know what's got his giddygoat but it's got his dander right up!!


Oh dear it's obviously catching, look whose smashing his way through the undergrowth now, only the bloody Incredible Hulk!! GRRRR! (actually he bears an uncanny resemblance what I look like when I'm gardening)

"Oh don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry" stitched in black silks with ANGRY picked out in orange and red and lots of GRRRRR'S in cotton

This fella is painted and stitched on watercolor paper for a change and I have mounted the picture in a rather charming pale blue card mount and the stroppy little sod can be yours if you head on over the my shop :)

So this week I will mostly be stuffing gnomes and stitching snowflakes in readiness for Christmas...can you believe the supermarkets are stuffed to the gunnels with mince pies already? It just puts the pressure on me to buy n try them now, cos you know, I don't want to ruin the family Christmas by giving them duff's research alright?!


Big MimiLove's to you homies and thanks for droppin' by!! :)