Sunday, 4 March 2012


S'alright dont panic, nowt dreadful to report! :)
Hello my bloggy chums, I hope you are all feeling groovy?

Now I promise not to bang on about the situation at home again but before I unleash the baboon I want to thank you all for putting up with my moaning and for all your messages of love and support, I've been so moved and really can't thank you all enough...keeps the old ticker going dontcha HUGS TO YOU ALL!

So yes, let's lighten the mood and talk baboons. Now you know me, I'm just a big ol' tree hugging, animal loving, nature worshipping hippy in ill fitting jeans and a cake habit, but I'll be completely honest, baboons n their kinfolk terrify me...more so than great white sharks or anything that can crawl in my ear'ole n lay 'n egg...

...I rest my case
I think my fear comes from having a monkey in a crocheted cardigan foisted on me in Portsmouth as a nipper, granted there's not too much chance of me coming across one in Tesco's, unlike my mate Robyn, but I still wouldnt fancy me chances

Anyroad...I'll give 'em their due, they're impressive buggers and I couldnt resist the expression on this one and it does sum up the general vibe in the MimiLove joint at the moment!

OO OOO OOOO BAAAAABOOOOON (you've gotta love the name intcha?!)

o here she is and oh my gawd has she got the hump?! There she was sitting in her leafy nest, minding her own (monkey) business...thinks, "oo I could murder a banana"...pops out n stone me someone's eaten them all!


OUTRAGE! No wonder she's upset

 "OMG!" she screams!
I've hand stitched her exclamation of shock in an old school graffiti style using a wide variety of scribbly stitches...(technical embroidery term) French knots etc and a positive rainbow of colours

Narna skins are hand stitched in vibrant yellow silks and thread with metallic gold that glitters when the light hits it.

Mrs.Baboons nest is a mass of hand stitched and layered leaves in a variety of green silks and cottons

The skins have been flung all over the place by a wee monkey who is very rudely taunting her with an old Cockney music hall tune, hand stitched lyrics read:
"Oh yes we have no bananas! We have no bananas today!"

This piece is chock full of hand embroidery layered textured stitching and full of color and fun.  I've kept the painting free and loose to keep the colours fresh and bright, sketchy pencil marks are also visible. Colours are shades of dark blue grey, turquoise, purples and greens with vibrant reds and yellows.

So if you're looking at a blank space on your wall thinking "hmm, needs something to brighten it up", consider a baboon available for your purchasing pleasure!

Whilst the folks are sleeping I also found time to work on a new piece which will be heading to Etsy very soon...a wee gnome; it's been a while since I've knocked up a gnome (matron) so here's the newest pre-stitchy fella, leaning against the canvas waiting for me to get my wotsits into gear and stitch him up a garden!

Hopefully he will be ready for you in a couple of weeks time when I also hope to have visited the
Sewing for pleasure/hobbycraft/fashion, embroidery and stitch show at Birmingham NEC on the Saturday 24th March

Meantime I shall be hiding under a duvet with a Battenburg cake...once again thank you to all you lovely folks for your messages of support, love and all round lovliness, I really can't express how much it's helping us all through a thoroughly hideous time at the moment

BIG MIMI LOVES TO YOU ALL...and thank for droppin' by! :)