Sunday, 24 June 2012

Fancy a snog?!


Ey up my bloggy chums! ;0) Well you're all looking pretty bloody gorgeous today I must say!

All sorts of stuff to show you today so grab a cuppa n some biccies n lets get going

Now you know when some things just have to be done, like say shovelling down a whole bar of Lindt almond choccy then blaming the dog? (In my defence I was particularly hormoney and it's been raining constantly...besides the dog's a daft as a brush n doesnt know what's going on at the best of times)

Well anyway, I've had this in my head for a while now and it seemed only fitting what with the wet weather n all

So here's the latest piece...a slippery fat frog!

And here he is again all stitched up n looking for some snogging action!

I was going to go with a "froggy went a courting" theme, but been there - done that

And so after a couple of glasses of red it came to me...Frog...Frog Prince...Prince...KISS!

Froggy sits amongst the lyrics from the Prince hit of the same name,Kiss:
" You don't have to be rich to be my girl
You don't have to be cool to rule my world
Aint no particular sign I'm more compatible with
I just want your extra time and your...."


The lips are painted in soft pink watercolor paint which I then outlined with black embroidery silks and added the words "KISSY! KISSY! MWAH!" with tiny little "x" kisses in a cerise silk

I painted this piece with watercolor paints and then hand stitched a lily pad haven fit for any froggy! Threads vary in thickness and weight for added texture, there's a few of his stitchy tadpole friends squiggling through the painting and lots of hand stitched kissy lips!

I've kept the painting free and loose to keep the colours fresh and bright, sketchy pencil marks are also visible.

Colours are shades of lucious greens, turquoises and blues with vibrant reds and and a wiggly bit of couching, which I've never done before but quite enjoyed!

Lily pads are hand stitched in vibrant green sliks and thread interspersed with drops of metallic gold paint that glitters when the light hits it.

This particular work is painted and stitched onto textured watercolor paper and will come matted with a white mount so will be ready for framing.  

The piece measures approx 11.7 x 8.3 inch or A4 and fits into any standard 14 x 11inch frame so you can just plonk him in and shove him on your wall...huzzah!

Available for your purchasing, snogging pleasure at the ol' Etsy shop, I thank you!

Now speaking of my shop and in keeping with the general vibe...some day my prints will come, and indeed they have! Yep BIG PRINTS are now available!

So far Bunny:

 n Angry Chihuahua

 are up for your perusal with the others heading your way. They are A4 size and I'm pretty darned pleased with them I have to say!

They're printed on a textured watercolour stylee paper, nice n bright n stitchy details are all present and correct, check 'em out n tell me wotcha reckon?

I've also been cracking on with some new pieces, again these are on paper and are waiting for the stitching to begin:

Wee fluffy guinea pig...SQUEEEEAK!

And a bleedin' great Ostrich...I'm not sure what noise they make...anyone??!

So they'll be keeping me out of mischief for a while, but stay tuned cos my mojo is back with a vengence and there's summin' else to show you next time but can't just yet as it's heading to Australia n recipient doesnt know what it is yet!!, I'm a bit peckish, the husband's back from the shop muttering about missing choccy etc...where's the dog?

Stay funky n fierce my bloggy chums, big Mimi Loves to y'all and thanks for droppin' by :)

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Mornin' Majesty!

Ey up my bloggy chums! How's it all hanging? Wild, free and majestically I hope?!

So it's Big Lizzie's Diamond Jubilee weekend and before I continue I would just like to point out that when I initially wrote this post it was a glorious sunshiney day (yes, it's hard to believe but i do sit down and actually draft these blog posts!), however cos it's the Diamond Jubilee Bank Holiday/June/summer etc it's now hammering down with rain

I must say for all we Brits whinge about the weather; too wet, too cold, too hot, too weathery...the past few days of sunshine we had here were a right tonic for the old MimiBrain...after the last few months of greyness (in every possible sense) it was lovely to just sit in the garden, take 5 n soak up the sunny goodness for a bit.

And let's face it, regardless of the weather, the only sensible to thing to be eating at the moment is ice-cream, mind you I've never needed an excuse for that

So all this unseasonal warmth brought on one of the mother-in-law's great clear outs...never a good thing cos it's me who ends up doing it, but anyway, take my mother-in-law (please!)...holder of the "World's Most Superstitious Woman" award...nary a day goes by where something isnt bad/good luck.

Unfortunately she's also holder of the "Can't Remember a Bleedin' Thing" award and so consequentley we're forbidden from doing anything at any given point just in case

For instance any form of laundry whenever there's a religious holiday...forbidden. That cover's everything from Easter n Christmas, Diwali, Hannukah and any other she comes across, in case we "wash a member of the family away"

New footwear on any form of furniture will be removed from the building forthwith as will cutlery left crossed on a plate, certain flowers (again cant remember which ones, but nothing white...or possibly yellow) and if a bird even looks like it's thinking about coming indoors, it will induce a near hysteria...mind you, with 5 kitties I think the brid would be the unluckier one

Anyroad during the most recent clear out I pulled out an old carrier bag from the back of the hell cupboard...I was just about to toss it away when the scream went up:

I couldnt work out for the life of me what it was was round, light in weight, sounded hollow when tapped and rock solid:
"What in Gawd's name is it?" I enquired

"It's the hot cross bun..."

Of course it is.

" brings good luck to sailors at sea, you can't throw that away?!"

*insert blank look here*

I tried to point out that most of us live in Staffordshire, which is geographically the furthest point in UK you can get from the sea and as most of us are well into our 40's now there's not really too much of a chance of us joining the Royal Navy anytime soon...but she wont have it so it's now hanging in it's bag on the back of the kitchen door..."just in case"

So yes amongst a million other things she also has to vigoursly salute every Magpie she sees and this is accompanied by a shout of:

"Morning Majesty! Hope your well, hope your wife's well?"

We went past a field with a flock of 'em in once n she nearly knocked herself unconscious with all the saluting

I dont take her out much

So in honour of the loon-in-law I did this...she nearly had heart failure when I showed it to her pre-stitching

A right p*ssed off looking maggie all sloshy in watercolours, bright turquiose against inky blue black with a whiff of deep purple

Stitchy bits range from a rather tasty silky olive green with a bright turquoise silk

Black cottons and silks merge into the painting then there's a wham of bright red and wee whiff of pinky lilac too

Hand stitched maggie mate wearing a rather natty crown in metallic gold thread which is all glittery when light hits it

Built in superstition buster: "Morning Majesty! Hope you're well, hope your wife's well?!"


Watercolor n hand embroidery on canvas; it's got a stitchy magpie wearing a gold crown to keep the biggun' company (and shut her up!), loon-in-law's chant and all manner of stitchy bits...wot more could you want stuffed on a canvas?!

Available on my Etsy shop for the hardcore superstitous loon in your life! :)

Waiting patiently in the wings for a bit of stitching action is this fella

Big fat slippery frog, watercolour on paper this time, he's a fair bit bigger than my usual canvas pieces and will cause me all sorts of issues cos stitching on paper is a right royal pain in the lilypads!

I'm also in process of knocking up BIG PRINTS of my little painting/stitchings, so you'll be able to cop yourself a bit of MimiLove at a fraction of my original works prices...look I've got an ice-cream habit to feed dontcha know!?

Right witter over for now, I've got a tub of chocolate Cart D'or in the freezer n it's not going to eat itsself, so til next time my bloggy chums, stay fierce, groovy and sunny...*insert snarky grunt here*!

Pass me that spoon...

Big loves n thanks for droppin' by :)