Sunday, 16 September 2012

G'day mate! Wanna see my Dangly Bits?!

Ey up my bloggy chums! ;0) Well you're all looking gorgeous...have you been working out?!

So it was my birthday this week...Russell Grant, the horoscope fella, said this:

"Find this toffee dipped earthling ensconced in its own little palace a stone's
throw from the markets in Marrakesh, rose petals strewn on the courtyards and
barefoot exquisites stepping forward to serve iced goblets of aphrodisiambrosia.
At home, in less exotic locations, it's wise to remember that even in age there's an aura of glamour about September 10, which makes people look up when they enter a room and want to hear what they have to say."

I thought that when himself came into the bedroom that morning, kissed me gently awake and whispered the words every girl wants to hear on her birthday:

"The cat's had diarhhea on the floor"

That pretty much set the tone for the day really...I exited the boudoir sharpish in case the dog got to it before I did.  On reaching the kitchen, alas no "barefoot exquisites stepping forward offering blahblah". No, a tippy-toed husband dry heaving out the backdoor.

Mopping up kitty's gift with a wodge of newspaper I shot out of backdoor n headed for the bin, which thanks to the local council's insistance of fortnightly collections only, is by day 13, a seething mass of squirming nasties. I slung the offending package in the bin and watched, almost in slow motion, as the lid slammed shut sending a positive confetti of maggots up in the air which promptly began to rain down on me

I was last seen running up alley, arm's flailing, squealing like the proverbial stuck pig n slapping myself about the head. Hoofing the heaving husband out the way, I cracked open a bottle of disenfectant closely followed by a bottle of red and spent the rest of day in a Zoflora "Hint of Hycinth"/rioja daze

"Toffee dipped earthling"...."Aura of glamour"....remind me to punch Russel Grant in the face one day

Anyroad, that aside there has been a ray of maggot free sunshine this month, when these popped through the letterbox!

A beautiful ray of Aussie sunshine from my mate Dot over at Creatarian:

Innit gorgeous?! ropey photographs really don't do these pieces justice as they are encrusted with tiddly beads and wee stitches, just joyous.

In return Dot copped this:

Dot gave me a few guidelines including birds and sunflowers.  So inspired by all things Australian I did a bloody great Galah! (no offence) :)

Pretty in pink he's perched casual style against  a bunch of French knotty vivid sunflowers, stitched up in a variety of silks and threads

By now you probably know I do like a bit of dialect/slang so it seemed fitting to include this message:

"G'day mate!! Yer lookin' right ripper today, fair dinkum!"

Watercolor, hand embroidery and Aussie slang on canvas...prints are available if you're interested, gimme a shout!

Also available over at the ol' MimiLove shop are my new DANGLY BITS!

Yes a swift change of medium, I've made some wee clay pendant thingies, which I've then hand painted with all manner of doin's!

First up!
Batman n Robin (sorry but sometimes these things just have to be done)

Bright robin red breast with Super Hero side kick.
I painted our red breasted chum against a soft sky blue background, he sits amongst the holly (Ouch!) and is surrounded by a flurry of snow flakes.
Holy Holly Bushes Batman! Robin is kept company by his Caped Crusader sidekick, a hand painted Batman!

Our feathery friend is hand painted in acrylic paints in shades of brown, black and white and vibrant orangey/red. I made the pendant from air dry clay in an off white tone. He's varnished in a nice glossy varnish for added sturdyness and hangs from a length of baby blue chiffon and cord
Available for your dangling delight here

Twit twoo! Bright eyed, permanently surprised owl!
Inspired by all things woodland, I painted this feathery chap onto a clay disc peeking out from his woodland hidey hole. 
Our feathery friend is hand painted in acrylic paints in shades of blues, black and white and vibrant yellow, I made the pendant from air dry clay in an off white tone. He's varnished in a nice glossy varnish for added sturdyness and hangs from a length of golden brown chiffon and cord.  Hand painted words read "Twit twoo!". Available for you to dangle here:

Dingly, dangly pug! Ideal for any pug lover. Inspired by all things puggy, kitch and little bit rockabilly, I painted this tiny pug puppy sitting against a soft sky blue background. I was inspired by a vintage tattoo rose design so festooned Mr.Pug in a garland of pinky red and orangey yellow blooms

He's obvioulsy been a very good boy as he's surrounded by a golden halo made up of tiny drops of metallic paint which glitter when the light catches them!  
Hang out with him here:

Ahhh, a wee love hearty gnome!
Inspired by all things wintery, Christmassy and gnomey I painted this jolly wee chap onto a clay heart and surrounded him by a positive blizzard of hand painted snow flakes. I've added tiny shimmery dots of glittery metallic paint which catch the light for added twinkliness! 

In his hand, a wee hand painted lantern glowing with gold metallic paint to see you home safely. Available for your gnomey needs here:
And last but not least...Yes, I will even customize your Dangly Bits!
A wee Border terrier, currently living in the Netherlands with his mum!
Perfect for funking up the grooviest of Christmas trees or if you're daring you could even pop them on a cord and wear them...I hope they sell cos I owe my mother-in-law...don't tell her, but I knackered her rolling pin making them...sssshhhh! ;D

So another year older, reeking of disenfectant and a vague whiff of depression, I bid you adieu my bloggy chums (I'm officially giving them up...birthday's that is, not husbands...or cats...although....)
Stay groovy, big Mimi Loves to y'all and thanks for droppin' by :)