Sunday, 3 August 2014


So the *it will only take a couple of weeks* prediction for the bedroom renovation was a tad optimistic then! 
Of course we hadn't factored in that the house had been built by a cock-eyed lunatic with an aversion to straight lines, at best a vague knowledge of wiring/plumbing and a penchant for blown vinyl anaglypta paper that has had me convinced for the past few years we've been here I had a hearing problem, however after stripping 3 rooms, floor to ceiling coated in it, turns out it was just muffled by the stuff!

I have spent so much time in DIY stores and builders merchants that I'm applying to go on Mastemind: specialist subject *the Wickes/ScrewFix Catalogue* and I'm pretty much fluent in Swedish now after multiple Ikea trips!

I owe Richard Branson a small fortune and have so much wallpaper paste/plaster/dust stuck in my hair n nails there's a danger I'm going to solidify soon but we are now rocking 2 spanky new bedrooms and just about start work on the 3rd box room which is going to be my new, kitty, husband junk, free studio (yeah right!) ...HUZZAH!

So that's why I've not been around!  However in amongst the mayhem and crazy early starts I have been trying to cram a bit of artwork in!

First off to show you are my new line of canvas prints which I have to say I'm rather chuffed with!

Meet Shirley, my inquisitive chicken! She's printed onto a heavyweight canvas from my original watercolour paintings.

I have hand embroidered her with with a stitchy flourish of wheaty/corny bits in glittery gold metallics and corn coloured threads.

Bright zingy poppies in multiple silks and cottons and French knots in shades of yellows, brown and deep purple to give added texture and dimension.

The piece comes complete with a white card matting/mount ready to pop into your favourite frame and will fit a standard 9x7 inch sized frame.

Available from my Etsy shop here!

*BWARRK*...That's chicken for "I hope you like her?!"

Right I better dash, I've got an Ikea delivery to deal with now...6 boxes of Scrofula, a Snivvle and a BennyBjorn!

Ta Ta for now and thanks for droppin' by!