Sunday, 31 January 2016


Ey up my bloggy chums!  I know…another post, almost becoming regular eh…trust me I’m as surprised as you are!

So it’s been a productive month work wise for me,  which is something of an achievement as on top of looking after Grany No.1 I’ve been tending to her mate and neighbour Granny No.2.  The woman is deaf as a post at the best of times but has had significant ear’ole issues since Christmas which has involved several trips to Doc’s and a gallon of olive oil.
Conversations between the pair of them are *interesting* at the best of times but now it’s all conducted at decibel 9 although curiously they can both hear the click of a kettle going on!

Anyway in amongst all of it i’ve been painting and stitching like the wind and though you might like to see my little robin who is currently winging his way to New York to take part in the Twitter Art Exhibit.

The exhibition is a fabulous event and open to all professional and amateur artists working in 2D medium.  I took part in last years which was based in Sweden and this year the event takes place in New York.
From the website: 
 "Twitter Art Exhibit: NYC is the sixth installment of an open international exhibition of handmade postcard art for charity, donated by hundreds of participating artists from around the globe.

Social media plays a major role in Twitter Art Exhibit. It is our intention to tweet, share, seed and promote our artists to thank them for their participation, and to make this event a huge success. 

The event will be highly publicized and well attended by art buyers and enthusiasts, members of the press, local artists and the community, as well as by the staff of Foster Pride and the young people they support."

This is my entry and is a particular favourite theme of mine!

Sorry but sometimes these things just have to be done...stitchy Batman and POW!

Stitchy details...

Watercolour and hand embroidery on textured watercolour postcards by Hahnemuehle.

This is an annual art exhibition for charity and is open to all artists, details of the exhibition can be found here if you’d like to join in!

I've been working on the postcards a lot lately and the following were Christmas gifts for my very special friends...

For Diane Tinker-Foster, THE soldering Queen of UK.  Diane will be holding her treasure token workshops at Hope and Elvis soon and I seriously recommend you to check them out!

For Tina Gilmore from Indigo Moon Workshops. Visit her fabulous shop for all things vintage and glorious and sign up for a workshop too: featuring artists such as Marna Lunt, Jessica Chorley and HensTeeth!

Speaking of HensTeeth! This one was for my stitchy best mate Viv :)

This one was for the equally gorgeous Nichola Hulmston the artist behind Nnneynoo.

I'm supremely blessed to count these ladies as my very good friends...this is us, all hanging around in the Hen'sTeeth Studio!! :)

L to R back: Tina Gilmore/Indigo Moon, Nichola Hulmston/NinneyNoo, Diane Tinker Foster/Hope&Elvis, Viv Slwika/Hen's Teeth.
L to R front: ME/MimiloveForever, Liesy-Lou Harris and Rebecca Evans

Ooo I bet you're all Robin'd out now!!  I also *do* other birds and animals though which can be found on my Etsy shop if you'd like a wee look .

As ever, stay groovy my bloggy chums and a BIG Mimi Loves to you!
Thank you for dropping’ by!

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Karma, Karma, Karma, Karma....

....chameleon, chameleon-oh-on!!SING IT!! You know you want to! :)

Gordon Bennett 2016; nary seems like yesterday when me & mum nearly burnt the house down with our Blue Peter advent crown; a health n safety monstrosity involving wire coat hangers, tinsel and proper flaming candles and spent half hour gagging on the glue from the DIY paper chains…ahh happy lead paint loaded toys days!

Well I hope you all had a wonderful and peaceful Christmas.  I did request a new sat nav off Santa this year on account of the fact mine has a severe attitude problem and I'm fairly convinced is programmed by a surly 18yr old who really can't be arsed.

Mainly cos it routinely dumps me 4 miles from any given destination with a vague 'that'll do', leaving me to grab a passing granny and hope to God she knows where she is (fortunately the most recent one in a Morrison's carpark did, but it did involve me waiting for her to load up her shopping and then follow her as my destination was just past her mum's house...bless!)

To ask for directions back to home is way too much too hope for as I clearly know where I've been so should bloody well know how to get back.  Suffice it to say Santa obviously mis-read my vague *I would like a new sat nav" hint and got me a fluffy dressing gown instead...although in all fairness I probably do spend more time in that than the car, so swings and roundabouts....

Anyhow! Himself has recovered and the bruising is fading and most of what I got him is currently on eBay so all in that counts as a fairly normal Christmas for us.

Right witter over lets start the new year with a reptile eh!  I bring you a Karma Chameleon! :)

I've had this in my head for a while now...our little green chum sits a-top a huge stitchy “Karma” which nearly didn’t get finished on account of the fact stitching through canvas with glittery metallic thread is the sewing equivalent of scraping nails down a blackboard.

Keeping him company is a big fat jolly Buddha nestling in a glorious pink lotus stitchy flower. He's holding a tiddly Peace symbol in one hand and tiny glittery beads in his other.

A wee grasshopper in case he gets peckish and shedloads of leaves, grasses and so forth.  A little John Lennon portrait stitch sketch nestles in his curly tail with the lyrics from the fabulous Instant Karma: "And we all shine on. Like the moon and the stars and the sun!"
Also features the Karma symbol and little glittery stars.

Choc full on teeny-weeny stitches, a positive cascade of leaves, French knots and tonnes of texture, despite the teeth being on edge through most of it, I really had fun working on him!

If you fancy a bit of reptilian nonsense to brighten up your wall prints of this are available; will be posted via Royal Mail though, I can’t deliver in person as the sat nav will be off having a fag.

Righto I’ve eaten my body weight in trifle, the dekkies are back in the loft and I’ll be hoovering up frigging lametta for the next 6 months so I shall bid you farewell for now and try to muster up another post soon! :)

Stay groovy my Bloggy chums!

Big Mimi Loves to you and thank you for dropping’ by!